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my oven mate…

More oven cleaning today as if I haven’t done enough recently doing my daughters.   I like to give it a thorough clean at this time of year ready for all the November and Christmas cooking.

It wasn’t as dirty as I thought it would be – that might be because we have been careful to wipe it down well after each meal or perhaps we have been doing less cooking!

I use a product called Oven Mate Cleaning Gel by Lakeland it has no horrible smell and does a good job – I can recommend it.  I decided to take out the inside glass panels in the doors to clean as well and so it was a while before I had it all put back together again but the result is gleaming for a cooker that we have had for more than ten years and it was second-hand when we got it from my sister who possibly had it for 10 years herself.

We took it as a stop-gap to tide us over until we had a new kitchen installed because our old gas cooker had died on us unexpectedly and we didn’t want to have to buy a new free standing one.  But just as unexpectedly we had to cancel our new kitchen because I became quite ill and had to keep going in to hospital.  So the cooker has remained and become my mate…

Oven Cleaning

I am still waiting for my new kitchen!!



14 thoughts on “my oven mate…”

  1. It just goes to show how long things will last if we let them!
    I’ve been complaining about my stove since we moved 15 years ago. Guess what? It’s still there.
    We are on holiday at the moment and my husband mends and makes do so automatically that he’s just jammed the hook the curtain ties fit on to with a piece of chocolate paper!
    I like your new header though it does seem to bring the unmentionable nearer!


    1. It is amazing how long things can keep going when you would actually like a new one. At the moment I really hope it does keep going because we will get the kitchen done in the next year or two and have an integrated oven. If this one went now I don’t think my sister has another cast off to give me just yet so wouldn’t want to have to buy a new freestanding cooker.
      I was looking for an autumnal picture with the berries but I agree it is perhaps a bit too like the unmentionable time.


    1. Thank you Sadie for your comment. I actually like the challenge of making something old look its best and giving it some sparkle. We had to replace our kitchen tap recently with a cheap one to tide us over and I was amazed at the way it made our old kitchen look instantly improved. Little things do make a difference.


  2. I have made a note of the Oven Gel.

    Sorry to hear that you are not well. I don’t know how well you know Leeds, but a gazillion buses go past Jimmys so you may be better using public transport if you aren’t coming far. The parking charges are truly appalling. Of course, if you are coming any distance you have to pay a fortune in fares. I really hope it all goes well. Hugs

    Sybil aka LM x


    1. Thanks for that. I used to get a lift to Leeds centre and then take the bus up to the hospital – funnily enough even though I went there and came back on the same number bus on the same route it was always £2 there and £1 back – how does that work then!! We are driving from the other side of Huddersfield so quite a way to come. The train is not cheap I tried that a couple of times. When I just go for blood tests I get OH to circle the block and then hover in the drop off and hope there isn’t a long queue to avoid parking charges.


  3. Is this just an electric cooker, or electric hob and gas oven? The reason I ask is I would love to have a hob like yours – makes it so much easier to clean than a gas hob, but I do like to cook and bake with a gas oven.

    It certainly looks gleaming!


    1. Hi Lorraine – It is all electric and I struggled at first as the cooker it replaced was all gas. I know what you mean about the gas hob this is a dream to clean but equally I liked the gas oven it seemed to bake things better. My four hour Christmas cake in this oven is done in 2 hours even turning it down to a minimum!


  4. I need a new oven. Have needed one for a few years. But we will solider on. Not bothering until I get the whole kitchen remodelled – as then I will have to design the kitchen around an oven I don’t really want and only bought to fit in the existing space. The oven works, mind you. It just heats unevenly so cakes burn at the back, making it a juggle to turn the cake without making it flop. Also the oven has shot 7 or 9 settings but the dial has worn out so it is a case of turning and counting the clicks and hoping you turned the right way.


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