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my oven mate…

More oven cleaning today as if I haven’t done enough recently doing my daughters.   I like to give it a thorough clean at this time of year ready for all the November and Christmas cooking.

It wasn’t as dirty as I thought it would be – that might be because we have been careful to wipe it down well after each meal or perhaps we have been doing less cooking!

I use a product called Oven Mate Cleaning Gel by Lakeland it has no horrible smell and does a good job – I can recommend it.  I decided to take out the inside glass panels in the doors to clean as well and so it was a while before I had it all put back together again but the result is gleaming for a cooker that we have had for more than ten years and it was second-hand when we got it from my sister who possibly had it for 10 years herself.

We took it as a stop-gap to tide us over until we had a new kitchen installed because our old gas cooker had died on us unexpectedly and we didn’t want to have to buy a new free standing one.  But just as unexpectedly we had to cancel our new kitchen because I became quite ill and had to keep going in to hospital.  So the cooker has remained and become my mate…

Oven Cleaning

I am still waiting for my new kitchen!!