Month 1 – Finances

Below are the necessary tasks to keep me on budget

  • Set up a savings plan
  • Check and enter all daily expenses – no matter what
  • Plan a budget and stick to it
  • Balance my accounts at the end of the month
  • Use up and maintain what we already have

This will be a lean month for spending to help recover from the Christmas period and the heavier spending last month – here are my ideas to help build up my financial reserves and spend as little as possible this month.  They are in no particular order and the 1-31 does not correspond to the dates in January rather I will do them as time allows but I will do one each day.

Capturing money
  1. Take any returns to shops for a refund.   Just John Lewis to do now
  2. Pay in any cheques / Christmas monies
  3. Bag up loose change and take to the bank
  4. Update Savings chart with interest payments and diary in the end of any fixed deals
  5. Apply for an new ISA with a good rate of interest and consolidate the two that are now on a low rate. 
  6. Look for money off coupons online
  7. Use any vouchers and reward points against shopping / gifts that I need to purchase Ongoing process
  8. Research online for any better energy deals 
  9. Research car and house insurance for a better deal
  10. Use up all food in cupboards and freezer – buy as few groceries as possible
  11. Move appointments such as Hair cutting on a week
  12. Apply for Cashback Plus from my bank
  13. Balance all my accounts and run 2013 reports
  14. Identify areas of high spending
  15. Identify any old accounts that need to be closed
  16. Run a passive income report for 2013
  17. Type up a menu plan for the whole of January using up Cupboard and freezer contents
  18. Check electricity usage daily for a month with the monitor
  19. Gather together any items to sell   Have made a start on this one
  20. Set up an Ebay and/or Amazon account
  21. Take photos of items to sell and upload
  22. Begin putting ideas down for crafting an easy to make birthday card
  23. Make enough cards for 6 months
  24. Make a list of any birthday gifts I will need for the next 6 months
  25. Make a plan of how to save on lunches at work
  26. Make a maintenance plan so that all the appliances I own are kept in good working order – including the car – clean and maintain one appliance each week I have started this
  27. Look through the numerous packets of seeds I have with a view to growing plants rather than buying – this can extend to taking cuttings
  28. Research energy prices and new deals
  29. Review housekeeping budget
  30. *
  31. *

The last few tasks I will be adding as I go along as there will be new tasks arising over the month and possibly from the tasks already listed – because as they say one thing leads to another.

As well as tracking and managing my finances I aim to give the office space a thorough going over.  No drawer or cupboard or file will be left unturned
Space clearing
  1. Empty desk drawers and only put back anything that is used
  2. Go through the files and remove outdated items for shredding
  3. Go through receipts and shred any not required
  4. Fix and underdesk wire basket for those awful trailing wires
  5. Check out the systems we have in place for dealing with our finances and look for better ways of doing them

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