Month 3 – Spring Cleaning

Spring Clean

Tasks I need to do to Spring Clean my home

  • Clean each room thoroughly top to bottom, wiping woodwork and cleaning behind the furniture
  • Opening all the windows to let in fresh air
  • Washing curtains, cushions and covers
  • Cleaning lampshades
  • Cleaning cupboards, shelves and drawers
  • Maintaining machines and tools
  • Decorate with spring flowers and objects
  • Clean windows inside and out
  • Sweep down and jet wash paths outside
  • Replant tubs with flowers
Spring Cleaning tasks in no particular order
  1. Dust over ceilings in each room with Hoover tool
  2. Take down each lampshade and brush – clean bulbs – replace
  3. Dust each blind with Hoover tool
  4. Wipe down leather chairs and Hoover settee
  5. Clean each of pictures and mirrors with vinegar solution and polish
  6. Dust books with Hoover tool and a small soft brush
  7. Clean food processor and juicer
  8. Clean out both fridges and freezer
  9. Clean oven and hob
  10. Clean windows inside and outside
  11. Clean gas fire and coals
  12. Wash cushion covers, throw and fleeces
  13. Wipe skirting boards, radiators, doors
  14. Wash down bathroom walls and tiles
  15. Clean on tops of cupboards
  16. Clean clocks and reset
  17. Clean washing machine and run maintenance wash
  18. Clean switches, sockets and doorknobs
  19. Sweep and jet wash paths outside
  20. Re-edge grass by side of drive – half done
  21. Clean kettle
  22. Clean dining room cabinet
  23. Wash winter coats and put away
  24. Clean winter boots and put away
  25. Use swifter on walls
  26. Pull out furniture and clean beneath and behind
  27. Wash curtains
  28. Wash mattress protectors and pillows
  29. Clean out bins and wheelie bins
  30. Clean outdoor pots
  31. Clean flooring – wash or Hoover

Gosh I feel exhausted just writing the list!

Where time allows I hope to tackle one task each day and I will start at the top of each room and work my way downwards.


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