Month 2 – Simplifying my Space

Tasks I need to do to help simplify my space

  • Declutter the whole house one room and one area at a time

  • Identify the items that I need and use in my daily life

  • Develop a ‘capsule’ wardrobe

  • Identify the items that I want to keep as treasures  and find a place to display them

  • Organise the items I keep

  1. Declutter dressing table drawers
  2. Declutter chest of drawers
  3. Declutter wardrobe
  4. Make a list of additional clothing required
  5. Declutter jewellery drawers
  6. Sort through all shoes, clean and maintain keepers
  7. Sort through hats, gloves and scarfs

Home Office

  1. Declutter bookcase
  2. Declutter desk drawers
  3. Declutter filing drawers
  4. Declutter craft drawers and cupboard
  5. Declutter sewing items and fabrics
  6. Declutter magazines, clippings
  7. Declutter recipes I will never use


  1. Declutter kitchen cupboards
  2. Declutter wall cupboards
  3. Declutter dining room cupboards
  4. Declutter fridges
  5. Clean freezer and check contents
  6. Declutter laundry room cupboards
  7. Declutter store cupboard in garage

Living room and other spaces

  1. Declutter bookcase in living room
  2. Declutter cupboards in living room
  3. *
  4. *
  5. *
  6. *

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