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slow progress…

As you can tell I have been having a bit of a play around on my blog and fancied a bit of a change – a bit like decorating.  I will be updating my blogroll as a lot of the sites I used to follow are sadly no more or do not blog anymore.  There seems to be quite a few people who have given up recently and I really enjoyed their blogs but I can understand the time pressures of life get in the way and I think once you have a gap it is hard to get back into the routine of blogging – I know this from experience having had a good year off in 2016.  One of the hardest parts is not so much writing on your own blog but having to catch up with the news on everyone else’s.  So much had happened in that year.

I am continuing my quest for a simplified life and continuing the good sort out at home – and I am loving it every time I declutter a space I feel a sense of the whole place feeling lighter and more manageable.  I even felt I needed to do my blog as well and perhaps get rid of any clutter that has collected here so you may see things disappearing along the tabs as these have never worked for me  – I may keep the craft tab as it is a record of the few things I manage to make at Christmas.

As I am simplifying and trying to pare down to the bare minimum we need (or really want to keep in the case of items that are more sentimental than useful) I am starting to ‘beautify’ each area.  I am not sure this is the right descriptive word for what I am doing but it is close enough.  In essence I am looking at each space I clear and the decorative quality of how my possessions are displayed and how it makes me and the room feel.

Rather than going out shopping for anything new I am firstly shopping at home – reviewing what I already have then swapping things around a bit, putting decorative items together in different rooms.

Our new ‘guest room’ is coming along slowly but progress is being made and we are still planning that it will be ready in November for my mum’s visit to go Christmas shopping.  OH has now dismantled the 1980’s MFI mirrored sliding wardrobes and a very nice man has been to measure up to fit new ones which will also have sliding doors because of the tight space.

I was amazed at how much bigger the room looks without the wardrobes but wardrobes are a bit of a necessity and this is the only place that is suitable to put them.  They will be slightly shorter in width but slightly deeper in-depth and so we have had to move the double socket a bit more to the right and then repair the wall.  Whilst doing this a new double socket has been added on the other end of the same wall and the bed will fit comfortably between them.  We have also had the single socket on the window wall made into a double.  Six sockets should surely be enough for anyone and any amount of technology/electrical appliances in the future.


With that job done we are now moving on to filling the holes and cracks.  There is, I can assure you, a Polyfilla for any job – fine cracks, big holes, cracks that have movement – I think we have got the whole Pollyfilla range in the garage!

Decorator's Caulk

I had been undecided on the colours I would have for this room – the base colour will be the same soft pale grey of the previous room.  The wardrobes are also grey but slightly deeper than the walls and the accent colour I first thought of was a blue probably duck egg maybe turquoise or teal, however, I have had a big change of heart and I have now settled on a soft vintage pale blush colour and natural linen.

I still intend to keep the room in a Scandinavian style but with a tiny bit of blingy metallic added here and there.  Sparkle is not my usual style but will suit my mum – she is not a blue fan either but loves that dusky pink colour so I think she will like the room when it is finished.  Whilst in TK Max the other day I came across some pretty pink and grey patterned storage boxes which have a silver strip across the lid closure and go perfectly with my chosen colour palette.  I also came away with a candle in a pink tinged silver jar.

I am now looking for a bedside table of modest price – I came across a rather unusual Scandinavian style retro ones on the Sue Ryder site but they are not the right colours.

So I continue to browse around.

Have a good week everyone x



21 thoughts on “slow progress…”

  1. I’m with you about wardrobes taking up a lot of space! I often think the same, but yes, they are pretty vital!
    I am loving the sound of your decorating plans. Grey, a hint of vintage pale blush, the trace of some sparkle! When can I move in?!

    TK Maxx is so, so good for bits and pieces. I can guarantee that if I walk in that shop, I’m going to be coming out with a bag of goodies. Have a lovely Sunday evening, and thank you for your comments on the blog.


  2. Love the new layout.

    I too am saddened that some of my blogging favs are no longer blogging or have decreased the amount of posts but, like you, totally understand how life can get too busy to do it all, and how hard it can be once you get out of the rhythm. And then there’s the need to keep up with others. I often feel guilty when I don’t catch up and comment on my regular reads.

    Love the idea of “shopping from home”. I have a couple of rooms I want to beautify (and I think it is the right word). After my time in France. I want some of that style in a couple of rooms. But first I must declutter and sort my paperwork.


    1. I have moved things about and discovered I like them more in their new positions! Don’t worry about commenting I think we all miss a few sometimes – I will often have a quick read then intend to go back and leave a comment – then I forget if I have left a comment – I am trying to train myself to leave comments as I go or even just a like as an acknowledgement. I fell in love with the french style when we went there for a number of years – the cute little windows with the lace curtains on a rod. I have just taken the lace curtain down now – it was in our downstairs loo as it didn’t look the same anywhere else in our house!


  3. As you know I struggle to document my activities as I am ALWAYS on the go. This morning however a friend has confirmed she is coming to Scarborough and so I said she could stay here – SO the lovely spare room that was decorated 2 years ago and WAS so tidy – now needs a good tidy up and I need to buy bedding for the Ikea daybed in there – watch this space. I have also asked a friend to teach me to knit – every Monday at our local community centre where a knitting group meet……..yes winter is approaching and I am finding stuff to do.


    1. Hi Denise – having people visiting is always a good catalyst for a good tidy up – it happened to me a few weeks ago when we had friends round for supper – the living room sparkled by the time they set foot in the door! I wish I could keep it that clean and tidy all the time.


    1. The trick is like everything else little and often – I even find that difficult though!! It must be your half term now – I expect you are out and about and I look forward to your next post telling us your latest adventures.


  4. I love the new look of your blog Vivien! It is very pleasing to the eye! I think a pale blush colour sounds perfect for the bedroom especially with natural linen and the pale grey. It makes me want to decorate my bedroom! x


    1. We are going throughout the house and although this might be the last time we redecorate here before we move I was determined it would be colours I can live with whilst trying to keep it a fairly blank canvas for the next inhabitants. I hope grey stays around for a while – it is a very soft grey though and can look quite white or pale coffee in some lights.


  5. I love “redecorating” with items I already have. It’s amazing how it gives your home a fresh look. It’s also fun moving pictures from wall the wall. You get to rediscover them again.

    Your new blog look is lovely. I like the clean lines and the colors as well. I’m glad you’re keeping your “history” tabs. It’s always so fun to look back. I can’t wait to see the full guest room reveal. And what fun to have your mum come for holiday shopping!


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