Resetting the bodyclock…

I am sitting here watching an all time favourite of the Good Life with Tom and Barbara – the one about the pigs.  I often fancied myself as Barbara living in her suburban home spending all day in the garden growing veg and tending her animals and doing it all whilst under the influence of that famous Peapod wine.  I especially liked their fun minimalist Christmas with newspaper hats and the knitted jumpers.

I spent most of the day being swept along by a hoard of Christmas shoppers in the Cheadle branch of John Lewis.  You can always tell the Cheadle branch by the number of Rolls Royces in the carpark!

I wasn’t Xmas shopping myself – just browsing –  and my reason for going was to check out the Lumie Bodyclock light as I am finding it extremely difficult to rouse myself on these dark wintry mornings.  I am not sure about you but each year as I get older it gets harder to wake up and get going.  The early morning traffic on the roads in the last week or two has been so bad I have found myself late for work so drastic action is called for – hence the light.

So to go back to the clock – we did buy one and having unwrapped it and read the instructions we are told that we can have sunset and sunrise which gently puts you to sleep and wakes you up, 5 different alarm sounds to choose from –  Big Ben or drums (I don’t think so) to birdsong or wind chimes (sounds better) or plain old beep (perhaps not).  So we will try out the birdsong although I suspect I might just sleep through it – I have never been aware of the birds chirping outside before.

Lumie Bodyclock

The Lumie Bodyclock Go 75

It also boasts a snooze feature – definitely a must in my case –  I am no lark and will put off that moment when my body has to be forced out of bed and into the shower. I always set my alarm 15 mins early so I can fit in 3 five-minute snoozes, a bit like the traffic light system wait, get ready…go.

Lumie Bodyclock

I will keep you posted on how well we do getting up in the mornings from now on…or not!


And continuing the cushion saga – in and amongst I bought two feather cushion pads as they did have the right size and decided I will, for now, reuse the knitted cushion covers from the cottage as I wasn’t inspired enough by the cushions on display in John Lewis either.

I did see the most beautiful soft woollen throw in muted colours just right for our bedroom but at £180 I had to leave it behind!

How did your Saturday go?  Have you started the Xmas shopping yet?

22 thoughts on “Resetting the bodyclock…”

  1. The Lumie body clock is wonderful! I bought one last winter – it really works for me. Gentle, natural awakening, more energy – can’t praise it enough. Also use it for getting to sleep naturally – works every time. I hope it works for you too….


  2. Also..I find I don’t need the alarm – the light wakens me. (And this from someone who needed at one time to sit a big alarm clock on an upturned tin to wake me!)


  3. I love the idea of being woken by birdsong! I have no trouble getting up in the morning and as soon as my eyes open I am up and out of bed! I have not started the Christmas shopping yet but will probably do so this week. Just to let you know that I have listed some grumpy fairies in my etsy shop LindenGrove in case you wanted to take a look. Happy Sunday. x


    1. You are so lucky to be one of those people that are bright eyed on waking.
      I have been over to the Etsy shop for a quick peek – I definitely would like 2 fairies one for each daughter – never ordered from Etsy so will have a look tonight. x


  4. Hubby sets our clocks so it’s Radio 2 7am on the dot every morning. The headlines always annoy me – when I was teaching full time often the headlines would involve education and what was the latest problem. With Jon however it’s benefit issues and immigration………..I could go on but Jon does enough of that – going on…..and on…..and on! Victor Meldew I call him. Love the Good Life!


  5. Our radio alarm clock let us down a couple of times, so now I use the alarm function on my phone – it’s barbaric, but effective. (I also have to have the alarm set to enable a ‘lie-in’) – but if I want to wake the Other Half, I just put Radio 4’s Today programme on – guaranteed to annoy him into action in minutes.


  6. Looks like an interesting but complicated gizmo. Wish I could blame the lack of light for my poor sleep patterns but it is self-inflicted. I need a reverse alarm clock. One that sends me to bed before I fall asleep on the lounge.


  7. I will look up that episode – sounds just right! I am a lark type and if anything I drop off to sleep far too early – only sitting in front of the computer can keep me awake, and that’s not always a good thing!


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