Dawn chorus or a tweet too far…

the ongoing saga of the Lumie Bodyclock lamp…


Lumie Bodyclock

Day 1

– Saturday night and we lay watching the gradual sunset fade into darkness and we were asleep before we knew it with the lamp set for the birdsong and light to wake us at 7am on Sunday morning…can’t wait

Sunday morning – I awoke to a wonderful sunny glow lighting up our room – this is good I thought – and very realistic –  but absolute silence… I listened but no chirping whatsoever – not a dickybird!

I then realised it was 9am –  I had overslept and the sun was flooding the room with natural light not the fake sunrise I was expecting –  I had slept solidly for 9 hours and for once felt wide awake and raring to go – both the lamp and alarm had failed –  my better half had obviously read the Chinese instructions but it had inadvertently cured my sleep deprivation!

Day 2

-Once again tucked up in bed on Sunday night and once again we fell soundly asleep to the effects of the gradual sunset  I don’t remember anything until I awoke suddenly at 5.23am in the pitch black – nothing appeared to be happening with the lamp and acknowledging it was too early and too cold to get up promptly fell back to sleep.

6.23am something roused me – hurrah at last it was the sunrise beginning to stir and a few minutes later there is the bird song…and then there is more birdsong…and more birdsong and more birdsong – how can anyone snooze through that – obviously some people can as my better half is still fast asleep and snoring.

With a gentle nudge I ask ‘Can you switch it off?’    A half-hearted mumble mumble replied…so I head for the shower room out of the din.  Returning 15 minutes later to the bedroom the light is full on now and the room full of twittering and hubby still sound asleep and snoring with his head under the covers blocking out both light and noise!

Out come the instructions again…

Third night lucky…so do excuse me now while I go and get ready for bed!!

15 thoughts on “Dawn chorus or a tweet too far…”

    1. We will have to resort to Big Ben then – nothing soporific about that – in fact when my better half was reading the list of choices out I thought he was adding a few jokey ones in as he does but no he was serious. All I can say is that the manufacturer has a great sense of humour!


  1. I like the idea of being wakened up by the light (it happens with me every day in Summer) but twittering and the dawn chorus would drive me mad….. as do the real thing outside my window for most of the year, it’s the only time I would quite happily shoot a bird 😉


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