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Organising those snippets of information (an update)

Not being able to go out over this weekend because of the snow has meant we have had a bit of time on our hands to catch up on a few jobs.  My better half fixed the hanging TV cable in the kitchen which you may have noticed in the background of previous photos even though I did my best to crop it out!  See the before and after.  In the end it only took about 30 minutes and we were without power for only fifteen.

TV Wire before


TV Wire


Now we need to paint the wall to cover up the white polyfilla which is where a fine crack in the plaster appeared after we painted it last time, but it is certainly an improvement to get rid of the TV cable hanging down.

I have also been busy doing a little bit of organising (my favourite household job) updating my planner and SPIF folder (which stands for Systemised Product and Information Folder – for anyone who has just joined this blog).


Updating the SPIF

The Sections

Out and about (Places to go and upcoming events) in Date Order


Gardening Services

Supplements and vitamins


Foot care


Exercise Courses


Books / Music

Home-ware Items


Food Products

Recycling Points and Information

Product re-ordering information

General Information

Product information

If I see a product that I might like to buy and try then I clip out the information and stick it to an A5 sheet of paper and then file it in my SPIF folder.  When I want to buy it I can take the sheet with me to find the product.  When I have tried and tested it I can then throw the sheet away.  The same happens with events and places that we go to – if we enjoyed them I transfer them into the places to re-visit section and then check for this years date on the internet.


Each section is for a different purpose so I can easily file and retrieve.  I am sure you could scan and file on the computer but for this kind of info I prefer a paper system which for me is quick and easy and I don’t have to spend loads of time scanning and organising on the computer.

Product labels

If I have already purchased an item that I like and want to keep a log of the details I photocopy the packaging onto a sheet as above and file that also in my SPIF folder for future reference.  Here I have details of places where I can buy the cartridges for my Brother labeller and the code for the size.  The second sheet has details of blank craft cards that I use and the third sheet has details of some creams and lotions that I have previously used.

Not everything goes into the SPIF folder as some information is in continuous use or is better located at the point of use.  For this information I laminate the A5 sheet and keep them together as my Care Cards and you can read more about these here.

For a certain few items I locate them exactly where they are used such as these information cards below.


I have laminated this sheet of cooking instructions where I have discarded the packaging to refill a canister or jar with the product.  I will be sticking this to the inside of my kitchen cupboard for easy reference.

Central Heating times

This is the Central Heating Timer instructions.  We have a different programme for winter and summer and this card is useful when we have a power cut and need to reset the times.  This is attached to the wall below the timer in the airing cupboard.

This system works for me and although it takes a while to copy and laminate the Care Cards, once complete the information is always on hand and permanent.  The SPIF is a more flexible and transient way of keeping bits of information in one place until no longer required.

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