Let it snow…and snow…and snow

It is very cold here today and has only just stopped snowing after a good 36 hours of almost continuous snow.  It is Saturday tea-time now and we have been unable to get out of our cul-de-sac since Friday morning.  How lucky is it that I went shopping on Thursday evening.  So we are staying cosy and warm inside not able to do any of the things we had planned for this weekend such as visit my mum in law.  Here are a few pictures I took earlier, I would estimate we have had a good twelve inches or more so far as you can see from our blue bench below.

bench in snow

Blue Bench

Trellis in the snow

The Trellis


Drifting outside next door neighbours


The wheelie bins

Iron chairs in the snow

The Iron garden chairs

Footprints in the snow

Footprints in the snow

It is certainly beautiful when the world is all completely white and pristine I really didn’t want to spoil it when I went out to take these pictures.  The only thing that had broken the surface in our garden was the footprints of some brave cat which seem to stop outside our old cat kennel – no doubt a welcome shelter this weather.

Have you had snow where you are?

18 thoughts on “Let it snow…and snow…and snow”

  1. Beautiful! I heard aboutthe bad weather you’re having on the news! We didn’t have any snow this year, however, it’s still cold and rainy in Greece. I would just love to jump into these piles of snow!!!!!!


    1. I have that urge too especially when it has gone from the lower areas and we drive up over the moors here and there is still snow that is more like 6 foot deep. I always get the urge to stop the car and go and jump in it! Don’t worry I haven’t done so far as I am only 5’6″ !!!


  2. I had thought the snow would end soon, but we had two snowstorms this week! I am glad to see you appreciating the snow because it reminds me that not everyone gets tired of it like I do. Just this week the guys at work were still talking keen about going snowboarding!


  3. Wow you too? Spring is elusive everywhere it seems. We had a record snowfall two days ago, it actually snowed for more than 24 hours straight. Roads were a mess, with a 100 car/truck/semi trailer pile up. I hope your kitty cat visiter found shelter and something to eat, poor thing.


  4. We have had lots of snow and yes my plans have been scuppered! Glad I went shopping on the thursday before it started snowing friday night. We probably had a good six inches of snow but it looks worse because it has drifted.


    1. As you can see by my photo ‘drifting’ ours drifted onto next doors drive because they are a couple of feet lower than us and there is no boundary wall between us. Don’t think there is anyone under the pile though!!


  5. We have snow on the mountains all around here on the west coast of Scotland, but none lower down. We drove off to Loch Lomond the other day in search of it – so beautiful. I’m very glad you are well stocked up and think it’s lovely that in the circumstances you can still appreciate how beautiful it is! That’s true positive thinking!


    1. As I sit here at my computer I am looking out over our cul-de-sac and there are six people shovelling the snow off the road. There were a similar amount this morning doing the same in the hope that we may have a chance of getting our cars out tomorrow for work. Lets hope the thaw comes soon now.


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