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A little bit of Spring amidst the snow…

The tulips are too excitable, it is winter here.
Look how white everything is, how quiet, how snowed-in..

Sylvia Plath


Tulips 2

As an alternative to the snow I thought I would add a bit of spring colour.

I love tulips, I especially love them when they twist and turn and begin to wilt, the petals opening wide like a summer Paeony.  They have a pleasing manner about them.  These are the flowers my elder daughter bought me for Mothering Sunday or in this house it is Mothering Monday as I had my mum to look after on the Sunday.  I would have loved to sit and paint these but sadly time is not on my side at the moment so I have captured them in this photo.

I thought they looked quite cheery after the snow pictures.  We managed to dig our way out so we could join the outside world at work this morning but getting there was like some kind of assault course with the final lap being the ice rink in town where we skated fearfully along the uncleared pavements.

Work today was a bit dreary and my colleague taken ill at home with one of the many bugs going around was missed.  There wasn’t even a chuckle today it was heads down and keep going.  Perhaps tomorrow will be better.  I did enjoy my lunch though, two homemade Leek and Carrot pasties with some left over baked beans.

All I wanted to do tonight was keep warm and after ringing a couple of friends to check they are OK I snuggled down to a fireside supper of last nights curry and watched a little TV.   Now it is time to prepare tomorrows To Do’s and I will be all ready for bed.  These endless cold dull days are really beginning to make everyone feel a bit down hearted, we are drifting along like the snow.   Surely warmer weather must be coming soon.



9 thoughts on “A little bit of Spring amidst the snow…”

    1. Woke up to more snow today – I am going to ring in and tell them I am working from home. Forecast is that it could get worse. So many sheep died with the cold in Northern Ireland they don’t even have a nice sheltered barn to go in like cows and horses.


  1. ‘Drifting along like the snow’ I like that analogy very much! I love your composition of the tulips. I was thinking how I would like to paint that picture and then you said it! I have become like a hermit in this bitter cold weather and not been near the Vineyard in weeks. If only we could see a glimpse of sun – just something other than blanket grey cloud. 😦


    1. I didn’t really compose the tulips more stuck them in a vase! but I do like the relaxed look. We did eventually have sun today then snow then sun then gloom! I have had a bit of Hermititis this winter sometimes self imposed and not always due to the snow!


  2. I bought a small bunch of tulips yesterday, just to cheer myself up! They’re such a lovely flower.


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