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Oh what a day…

I am almost too tired to write this blog tonight after a whirlwind weekend and a tiring trip to the hospital yesterday for a routine appointment.  I had a great time with my mum although it was both hectic and disappointingly cool weather.

On Friday we began our day with a visit to the dentist for a quick check up followed by a leisurely stroll around the town doing a bit of shopping and browsing and chatting, followed by a visit to see my new-born nephew (very cute),  followed by tea at Compos Cafe in Last of the Summer Wine country (a fish and chip treat for my mum) and finally we ended up at the village theatre.  We sat upstairs in the best seats (on the front row of the balcony!) and managed to chomp our way through a packet of Maltesers and some After Eight Mints and even found room for a Choc- ice in the interval.  This is not a very good picture – but as you can see it is a delightful little theatre and all run by volunteers and amateur actors.  My own daughter used to entertain us with her dancing each year on this very stage at Showtime when she had ballet lessons.

I think it is important to support local groups like this and I admire all the actors for the time and effort that they put into producing these plays which are always great fun and although only amateur I enjoy them as much as going to the professional theatre in town.

On Saturday we ventured further afield into Derbyshire and had our lunch at the Bookstore and Cafe at Hassop Station (highly recommended).  We chose a ploughman’s lunch which came with three homemade salads and some homemade chutney.  Afterwards, feeling rather full, we drove over to Stanton in Peak to walk around the village Open Gardens.  It was bitterly cold as you can tell by the cheeky alteration to the notice by one participant!There were a number of very interesting gardens – and some had a real garden party feel.Then there were the quirky…The intriguing…

The artistic…

The natural…

The inviting…

and the comic…

We had a great day despite the cold and the residents had put in a lot of time and effort to make it an enjoyable event.  We stopped halfway round to take advantage of the tea and cakes on offer in the village hall and of course to thaw out a little before continuing up the hill as Stanton is a village that nestles into the hillside which makes it even more chalming.

English: Stanton in Peak - Road Junction

Most of the gardens are small and everyone makes good use of their space.  This is a stunning little garden someone has created from a strip of land running beside the road.I have a few more pictures to share – but that will be another day.





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