drEAming, random thoughts

Have you got time?

Has anyone seen my time I appear to have lost it again?  I felt sure I had it in my grasp a while ago but it seems to have slipped away.

It is like trying to hold water in your hands – if it doesn’t trickle away then eventually it evaporates into thin air.

I need time desperately at the moment to finish the washing and ironing pile, change the beds, sort out our finances, write a few letters, paint my toe nails and fake tan my legs, put some more plants in the garden and water the pots, ring and rearrange an appointment, pack for the next holiday, bake a few cupcakes as a birthday present, do a hundred and one other items on my task list, put my feet up for 5 minutes and then finally find some time to sleep, sleep, sleep.

I will endeavour to keep on searching for my time but in the ‘meantime’ if anyone has seen it do let me know – I could do with a good 24 hours worth of extra time at present… oh if only I could buy some tomorrow with my weekly shop!!


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