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Keep calm and carry on …dusting

Panic stations – my mum is coming to stay for a long weekend on Thursday night which will be a bit of a tight squeeze given that my daughter and her partner are staying here at the moment too – but the more the merrier!!

I know I will not have the time to blog while she is here and I have already neglected my blog this week in favour of giving the house a bit of a clean to spruce it up a bit.  I have flung the windows wide open and ventured into all those dark corners searching out dust and dangling cobwebs that have taken up residence and I think it is now just about passable – I will keep the lighting low so that she doesn’t notice as much.

We plan to be out and about quite a bit and on Friday we will be going to the little theatre in the next village to watch the amateur dramatic company put on a comedy performance.  Saturday plans are not decided yet but on Sunday, when we take my mum back home, we will pack up a picnic and go to the Little Ouseburn Open Gardens outside York.  I love wandering around other people’s gardens they are always a source of inspiration just like other people’s blogs.

Main Street, Little Ouseburn, North Yorkshire

Hopefully if I have recovered enough on Monday I may have a few pictures to post.


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