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Organising can be a dangerous job…

Guess who ended up in A & E on Sunday night!  So at the moment I am rather immobile and reliant on a pair of crutches.  I didn’t exactly plan this into my list for the week and hopefully my injured foot can only get better.

Poorly Foot

What did I do? 

Well it was a lovely sunny day with a good drying wind so I wrapped up and went outside to hang my washing on the line…

Washing Line

…While I was out in the garden I noticed how dirty the windows were so as I was already well wrapped up I got my window cleaning kit out and a bucket of water and cleaned the downstairs windows…


Window Cleaning

…Whilst I was cleaning the windows I noticed that we had a few large twigs lying on the lawn from the gales and a scattering of bittercress had taken root in the gravel so I went to fetch my old weeding bucket from the shed to put the debris in and look for the secateurs…

…But then I realised the secateurs must be in the garage…

…Whilst in the garage it looked quite a mess and I began to straighten up a few things and put away the Xmas tree stand…

..Whilst trying to put the stand away I stumbled over some roofing slate samples and knocked my leg on the sharp corner of one.  After a few expletives I carried on and decided I had better move some of the rubbish and create a gangway so I didn’t trip again…

…Whilst moving the rubbish out through the connecting door to the Laundry room I realised I needed a bin bag – so going back into the garage squeezing past the pile I had just made of old boxes when wham I hit the top of my foot on the underside of the tall cupboard.    The pain from hitting my leg paled into insignificance – this was far worse.  After much rubbing and soaking and icing my foot continued to get worse over the day until I couldn’t put any weight on it.  Finally at 11pm we decided more medical advice might be needed!

Of course I couldn’t get my boots on either  and had to make do with a loose fit pair of old shoes just to wear in the car .  Hubby ended up carrying me to the car (surprised he is not in hospital now with a hernia LOL).  Luckily A&E was not too busy and after an x-ray, an elastic stocking and a pair of crutches I could come home satisfied it is a soft tissue injury and might take a few days to recover.  Hubby of course may take longer. 

So I have had plenty of sitting around time and have been able to wade through a pile of old magazines and declutter some of the papers.  This wasn’t exactly first on my task list but at least I could find something to do whilst watching daytime television!  I also have a drawer in the office where I keep those odds and ends of jobs to do.  And doesn’t it feel good to tie up a few loose ends.

Bits and pieces

And here they are  – there are still some left in the drawer for another day but so far I have

  • typed out the instructions (in larger print) for the Hot iron cleaner ready to laminate and keep with my Care Cards in the kitchen  (for anyone new to my blog click on Care Cards if you want to know what they are!),

  • printed off a photo for my desk photo calendar which was a Xmas present,

  •  bagged up the spare screws for the new spotlights to put with the other bits and bobs in the drawer in the garage…     

(and no I won’t be going in the garage just yet I will leave that to hubby!!).


25 thoughts on “Organising can be a dangerous job…”

  1. Oh dear! Do hope you will be better soon but not so soon that you don’t have time to enjoy your enforced idleness for a while! I remember your Care Cards and thinking what a good idea they were.


  2. Gosh you did make me laugh as you jumped from one thing to another, to another, to another – that’s the way the day goes sometimes doesn’t it. So sorry it ended badly though! Get well soon.


    1. You can tell how my mind works…uncontrollably going down side streets all the time!! Had I just hung the washing out none of this would have happened LOL! It has taught me a big lesson to try to contain my impulsiveness.


  3. Well you got a lot of jobs done before you got round to putting yourself out of action completely!!

    I bet you said a lot more than ‘ouch’ 😉


  4. What a day! I can picture myself doing all the things you did, too, up to and including getting hurt. I’m glad the injury is soft tissue and not a break. Good to hear you’ll be back on your feet in no time. I hope you aren’t in too much pain. Well done on the top-drawer projects.


  5. Poor you that’s not a very good prize for all that hard working you were doing! Hope you won;t have too much work awaiting you when you return to work too. Hope you and hubby make a quick recovery. Sarah x


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