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January Spending Review…


At last these are now redundant and my foot almost back to normal.  Thank you everyone for the kind words – at least it hasn’t prevented me from reading your posts.

I have been having a bit of a review of my spending for January – has my financial focus done any good?

January 2014 Spending

This was a 5 week month – my 1st week began on Monday 30th December and the 5th week ends on Sunday 2nd February for ease of calculating and comparing full weeks. 

I had a £38.18 overspend in total with some of that being on groceries, lunches and petrol.  However, if I am careful I won’t have to buy petrol next month unless I go further afield to see my daughter or my mum comes down for a visit.  On the whole I am quite pleased with the result at least having a target makes sure that you limit any temptation to overspend.

The areas I need to work on are lunches and stationery – quite clearly a bit over the budget I have allowed myself!

As you know I am photographing everything that comes into the house that is not food and below are the items for last week.  You can see all the items to date by clicking on the Incoming Items 2014 tab across the top of my blog.  It will be interesting for me to look back and analyse exactly what has been useful or not, what I didn’t really need to buy and what I haven’t even used!  Hopefully none of the last category.

New products Wk 5

A Mascara, 2 x  lip gloss and a bottle of Tea Tree Oil

Shopping Wk 5

You will have noticed the second photo contains all stationery items – once I go into Rymans I can’t help myself it is like being in a sweetie shop – but they are all to help me in getting the office better organised. 

The Deep Tuff box is something I am test driving so to speak.  At the moment it contains all the papers and brochures in connection with our future new Kitchen.  I might also buy one for my extensive garden clippings and notes.  They fit neatly on a bookcase on end and I think they are an excellent way to contain papers in a space saving upright position.

The long thin item is actually called Filefix  – A4 self adhesive filing strip, something that I actually made myself a long time ago by cutting the side strip of one of those thin plastic wallets and sticking the perforated edge to the edge of an instruction booklet so that I can put it with all the other papers in my instructions binder.  Perhaps I should have patented the idea at the time but I am delighted someone else has thought to market them.

These coupons also came into the house this week by post – at least we had no junk mail.  I can use the Tesco coupons for food on our next trip to Scotland and the M&S vouchers for £18 will come in handy for food or a gift or two or even new tights.


I hope you had a thrifty January  – have a lovely weekend.

4 thoughts on “January Spending Review…”

  1. You’ve done well with your budget. Unfortunately I tend to bury my head in the sand when it comes to finances. The Tesco coupons come in really handy don’t they? x


  2. I too love stationery and I have quite a few gorgeous notebooks that have yet to be written in after a visit to a very nice little shop having a stationery sale.

    I think the first steps to saving money is conscious spending and that’s exactly what you are doing, noting down everything that comes in. What a shame you didn’t think to patent your idea, but as you say at least someone has and it must have given you a moments pride to think that you had thought of it first 🙂


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