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Financial Focusing update #3

Todays Financial Focus task was to use some of my reward points and vouchers (N0 7 on the list) see the Focus 2014 tab above and click on drop down menu – January.   This will be an ongoing task as I have got quite a few for different stores.

After posting my mums birthday card ready for Sunday I had a quick sprint down to Boots tonight after work as I was desperate for a new mascara and  lip gloss.  I had a £3 off No7 coupon to use and I found there is a buy one get one half price offer on make-up at present plus I also had a coupon from the Advantage card machine giving me an extra 100 points.  So I got my goods for the bargain price of £13.25 rather than full price of £20.

I don’t wear very much makeup, a little mascara and a quick swipe with a lip gloss to protect my lips from drying out this weather and thats about it.  Foundation is usually for parties and posh do’s so it lasts ages.

I also treated myself to a hair cut tonight- a bit of a trim and a blow dry and I feel like a new woman, at least it should cut down the drying time in the morning before work.  My hair gets very static in the winter and the hair dryer makes it worse.

Cost of haircut £22 plus £2 tip for Becky (the trainee).  I never know how much to tip these days – I think £2 is reasonable do you?

Had I arrived home earlier I would have plunged my tired and aching feet into a warm bubbly  bowl of water and given myself a luxury home pedicure too – but the reality was that I decided to go back into town to Sainsbury’s for a few fresh veg and necessities for the weekend and so didn’t get back home until after 8pm.  As it was getting quite late I sensibly picked up a reduced Pizza to have with salad.  My grocery spend was £30.19 and  I used £30 of my reward points to pay.

My spend today


  • Lunch at work £2.55
  • Giving to Homeless x 2 on route to car £1. 40
  • Snack packet buttered Soreen £0.59
  • Tip £2
  • Hot Choccy treat £1.8
  • £0.19 towards sainsbury’s shopping

Debit Card / cheque

  • Hair £22.00
  • Boots Mascara and Lip Gloss £13.25

Reward Points

  • Sainsbury’s £30.00

for a grocery shopping breakdown you will need to link through to my re-routed blog but give me a day or two to get it back up and running!  It will need a bit of an update – and yes it is on the list to do asap.

So that was my Thursday – how was yours?


8 thoughts on “Financial Focusing update #3”

  1. My Thursday was spent 1. Taking dogs to beach. 2. Fisherman giving me bag of mackerel. 3, Dealing with mackerel. 4. Devising mackerel pie. 5. Eating portion of mackerel pie. 6. Silent Witness.

    I don’t know what it is about me and make-up but somewhere down the line I have a sensitivity towards most brands. Because I don’t “work” anymore I don’t need to wear make-up, but when on business meetings re hubby’s business I have to dress accordingly…..which means a bit of make-up, which is OK for a short period but I have to have a shower when I get home….as I said not sure why but it irritates my skin. xxxx At ease, without make-up, comfy clothes on beach or outside xxx


  2. I overheard a conversation yesterday between two teenage girls. One said her grandmother gave her £10 for Christmas ‘and didn’t even put it inside a card!’ £25 for a birthday was deemed ‘OK but not very generous!’. £2 to a young person is probably like 20p to you and I….Tipping is tricky!


    1. Well she only washed my hair and made me a cup of tea…oh and swept up the trimmings! The lady who went out before me didn’t tip anything. I usually give £2 but with inflation these days I am wondering if this is enough!


    1. Oh what I couldn’t do with £50!
      My niece had a Sweet 16 party recently – some new fangled American thing which is supposed to replace her 18th celebration (we will wait and see on that one!). It was a very big do and we did enjoy ourselves but we really didn’t know how much money to give her as a present or what she might be expecting. The value of money is tricky stuff as it means different things to different people.


  3. You did well at Boots! I also love to pick up a discount pizza at the grocery store if I am running late. I give 10% for a tip for a haircut – I go to a chain place that charges $18 including tax so I give $20. I have heard that if you go to the same person all year, then they might expect a holiday card with cash in it equal to another haircut!


    1. I suppose £2 on a £22 haircut is almost 10% so not far off. I have never heard off the Holiday card idea over here – well not in Yorkshire anyway but then Yorkshire folk have the reputation of being ‘canny’ with their money (some call it mean others thrifty) I prefer thrifty as I wouldn’t like to be mean!


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