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A little tour round our cottage garden

Just thought you might like a peek at our seaside cottage.  While we were up this time we had logs and more logs to move because of the trees that had come down in the gales last winter where the windspeed was over 100mph.  This was part of the  wood side garden with a mass of trees down on the lawn and the greenhouse smashed to pieces.

We have now cleared all these and have quite a wide open space to fill.  The concrete base to the right of the picture is where the greenhouse was.

This is taken from the bottom of the same  wood side garden with our cottage just peeking out from the bushes.  Everything is just starting to spring into life and I spent my holiday weeding and pruning and collecting leaves for leaf mould.

This is our view from the bottom of the garden on the sea-side.  This is my favourite view and why we bought the cottage.  In the distance you can just see land across the bay.

Under the green plastic sheet is the beginning of our log store we intend to build on our next visit – but there are far too many left in the wood for us to keep so we will have to look at selling them.

This is the side of the cottage where a little stream or ‘burn’ runs alongside to the left.  At the end of last year we made a small border with some rocks and will eventually lift the black plastic and put down some stone flags and either more bark chippings or gravel.  The willow (by the log pile) is sprouting into life but this will have to go soon as it is too near to the drains and their roots can damage these.  We will replace it with a Buddleia Alternifolia which has a similar feel but not as destructive.