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drEAming…of Italy and a car

You may have noticed that I have been quiet the last few days – no I haven’t come down with anything – thankfully – although we had 3 people go home last Wednesday, I was pleased it was my last day and I could escape the germs.  I have been wiping desks, door handles and key boards each morning with my Dettol wipes just to try to keep them away.  Coughs and sneezes from work colleagues are harder to avoid!
No, the reason for my absence is that I have been a little overwhelmed lately  – well a lot overwhelmed actually.
I have a couple of large projects on the go at the moment and they are taking up all my spare time.  Once the time has been put in to deal with these the end results should be very enjoyable!
The first mammoth project is that I have to change my car before it is no longer useable.  It is sixteen years old and due an MOT by the end of this month and I already know it won’t pass so I decided that enough is enough and I need to buy a new one.  One that will last me another 16 years and hopefully one where the heater works during the journey to work not just as I drive into the car park, and where I can open or lock all the doors at once. 
After slogging around the showrooms, reading reviews and taking a test drive I have settled on one and placed an order – just got to arrange the insurance and then sit back and wait for delivery.  I am so sad though to be saying goodbye to my old faithfull friend – I just get so upset at the final parting.
The other project on the go is what I am referring to as the ‘Italian Job’
We are invited to my niece’s wedding in Italy (she is marrying an Italian) in April.  The ceremony and reception takes place in a small village in Northern Italy near Verona and Vicenza and not far from Venice.  We intend to make a small holiday of it and go for 9 days – three of which will be taken up getting to the wedding, enjoying the wedding day and then saying our goodbyes and moving on.  We will be meeting up with my two daughters for the wedding itself but then each of us are planning to go off in different directions. 
After the wedding OH and I have decided on a few days in Vicenza followed by a few days in Venice before flying home. 
We will need to book a hotel to stay in on landing at Venice Marco Polo then move round to the outskirts of Vicenza to another hotel closer to the wedding venue for 3 days.  Then another short move to an apartment for 3 nights in the centre of Vicenza to experience Italian life and finally moving to Venice for the remaining three days.  Four different hotels / apartments in all.  That’s a lot of packing and unpacking and a lot of booking.
The choosing of all these different places to stay has been a bit of a headache and so time-consuming – scrolling through endless internet pages of hotels in the region – what did we do before the internet?  Places that look OK on Booking.com can look quite different when viewing the travellers own photos on Tripadvisor.  I really hate it when you see a lovely hotel room on a website – stylish and clean and then discover that this is their only room of that decorative standard and on arrival you are shown to something quite different and very shabby in appearance (and I don’t mean in a chic way).
We have booked the flights, the hotel for the wedding and the train connection so far but still many bookings to go yet.  It is not a cheap way to take a holiday either – I can see why people opt for a package deal.
So I may be quiet for a few more days yet…I am still following and reading along though with everyone’s blogs and hopefully all will be back to normal again soon and blogging will resume.  If anyone has any tips for Italian travel they will be very welcome.

Back soon x

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Packing, potting and posting…

              Lilac Verbena

‘No matter how busy a man is, he is never too busy to stop and talk about how busy he is.’              Kahlil Gibran

Perhaps this is true of blogging as at the moment I am breaking off my busy tasks to write a short post!

Getting ready for tomorrow

  • Try on clothes to find an outfit – done
  • Check toiletries bag – done
  • Clean shoes – done
  • Collect items together to go to sister-in-law (items we have been storing waiting for such a moment to be able to pass them back and yeah – more empty space for us! – definitely done
  • Wash and iron any clothes to take – done
  • Collect together any items for journey – done

  Household tasks       

  • Dishes – done
  • Fridge to clean out – has to be another day
  • 4 loads of washing – done many more than 4 – great drying day
  • strip bed and wash – done
  • Sewing – turn up lovely hubbly’s jeans – done
  • Dust and Hoover our bedroom – done
  • Dust and Hoover office – done
  • Labelling items – ran out of time
  • Check on directions for taking new supplements and make a note for kitchen notice board – nope
  • Add items to shopping list as I think of them – done
  • Plant plug plants – done – see below

Quite a productive day despite the raging heat which has left me feeling rather ‘cream crackered’.  Must retire to bed now for some much needed beauty sleep for the party tomorrow and because we need to rise with the larks and be off on our journey at 8.30am – I had thought about giving everyone a timed ticked for the use of the shower room to prevent a queue building up tomorrow morning – 4 adults and one shower is not easy!

The best things come in little packages

I arrived home last night to find a surprise waiting for me…

The free perennial plug plants I sent for from Gardeners World magazine.  I had forgotten all about them as they are quite late in arriving.  They are all re-potted and  hiding behind the shed for the weekend out of the direct sunlight.  There are 6 tiny plants of Foxgloves, Geums, Lavender, Echinacea, Penstemon and Delphiniums and they are so cute I just hope they make up for lost time so that they can get established before the end of the summer.

Have a lovely weekend – I certainly will and hopefully one or two photos to post.

And before I go  – welcome to my new readers from the Philippines and Ireland – I hope you enjoyed stopping by.