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Flourishing Friday…

My day to get things done and what a lot I have to do…

My Friday Fling will be concentrated this week around my ironing mountain, which at the moment looks more like a Volcano. Look away now if you might find this picture too distressing!

Sorted neatly into piles of like with like it doesn’t feel so bad.

As most of the clothes from our wardrobe (which is almost empty) are somewhere in this pile I will check as I iron for items I no longer wish to keep and discard them as I go along.

All finished and ready to put away.

My Friday Tidy will be concentrated in the kitchen and the fridge in particular – it would normally be almost empty too by today but I went shopping last night which is not my usual day as I purposely tried to delay it so that the money will stretch further and to force myself into using up items from the fridge, freezer and store cupboards.  It was a rather odd week with daughter and her partner and my husband all coming and going.  The only person I knew would definitely be in for tea was me!!

I urgently need to reconnect with my finances which have taken a back seat recently.  So let me introduce Finance Friday or maybe I will call it Fiscal FridayFiscal in the dictionary definition means ‘pertaining to financial matters in general’ …and it has a nice ring to it… and sounds very grand – probably as it is a word used mainly when discussing government budgets but as my own meager (or non-existent more like) budget is becoming as big a mess as the world economy  is at the moment I think Fiscal is appropriate.

So here we have my concentrated effort towards financial freedom –I hope it goes as well as my effort to leave work early.

Step 1 – Don’t Panic!

Step 2 – Look at the figures – go through all our spending and bills and statements

Step 3 – Panic (as I know even now they are not going to look good) but I will bear in mind that seeing the figures in black and white will help to diagnose where the difficulties arise

Step 4 – Look at what is working – then look at what isn’t working

Step 5 – Make a plan and develop a course of action to work on the areas that are definitely not working

  I refer anyone reading this to a marvellous piece of advise I read in The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin –   No 8 of her Twelve Commandments –       Identify the problem.

In my mind a very clever little statement that I come back to time and time again for many issues in my life.  (thank you Gretchen!) 

If you can identify and isolate the problem then the rest falls into place.  So next week I plan to look at the figures and identify the problems then set a course of action.
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