See the blazing Yule before us…

Yule Log Fire

…Fa la la la la la la la la…

It is certainly cold tonight and we are hugging the fire wrapped in cosy blankets to keep out any draughts.  Luckily the left over Lasagne made freshly last night by my better half has made a good quick meal for us tonight as we were both home quite late, my better half because the M62 was a complete nightmare and me because I decided on a whim to stay over in town after work and indulge in some late night shopping.  I wish I could say that I have now cracked the present list  – but not quite.  I have now a long weekend to look forward to, having booked a day off work on Monday.

On 13th December 31 years ago our beautiful younger daughter was born, it was a Sunday and during the day so much snow fell that we had to remain in hospital together for 5 long days because the midwives struggled to get to the new mums who had made it home.  We named her Lucy, not knowing then that the 13th December is St Lucy’s day, the Saint of light and she is our little beaming ray of light.  Happy Birthday Lucy x



This is Lucy’s Angel on the right  – you might not guess that it is a toilet roll centre and a doyle!  She ran out of school one day before Christmas many years ago clutching this in her little hands and could hardly wait to hand it to me, obviously delighted with her creation.  The Angel is 26 years old now and becoming a little shabby around the edges and each year I have to keep gluing bits back together but Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without this decoration on the mantlepiece.  We are rather mad on Angels in our house and each year the girls find a new one on the top of their stockings, they have been made out of wire, fabric, wood, plaster, glass and even chocolate.  The Angel hunt begins early for us and choosing a new one is a very serious business.  This years Angels are all ready in a secret hiding place waiting to make an appearance on Christmas Eve…shhh

Paper Angels

Meet the family

Meet the family

On Sunday our Christmas family get together is beginning to take shape – we have a time we can all agree on, a venue, a menu and some extra new Santa style hats courtesy of the Pound shop or was it Pound Land or even Pound World?  My daughter managed to get hold of a Pass the Pud game, last one in Yorkshire I think, but hopefully it will provide some of the entertainment.  I am just hoping for good weather so we can all journey up or down to Masham for the day and not worry about getting stranded.