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drEAming…of a happy New Year


Goodbye to 2017 already and hello 2018.
I feel like the year has whizzed by and although I haven’t done half of what I intended to do a lot has happened over the twelve months – the good thing about keeping a blog is that the year is well documented.  It was quite enlightening for me to look back at all that I have achieved.
And now I am looking forward – I particularly love this moment – the fresh start feeling that a new year brings.
The world is quiet outside my window this morning – the new year celebrations and fireworks over – calm at last has descended.  It would be nice to think that everywhere was closed today – a day off for everyone like it used to be… but sadly not;  there are still many shopping opportunities in Meadowhall and I presume every shopping mall up and down the country – but that is not for me, not today – today I am going to savour the quiet and just be still with my thoughts.
This is just a few highlights of last year –
January – we started the year with the reinstatement of the stream bank at the cottage.  It all looked a bit bleak but by October the grasses and wild flowers had begun to grow through the black mesh so that once again it now looks like a natural banking.      


Autumn Homekeeping
February – was mostly spent in the home having a major declutter, evaluating and reorganising cupboards.


March – was our yearly trip to see the village pantomime that my sister and BIL take part in – such a wonderful community spirit.


April – we were back in our cottage garden – taming the jungle and uncovering more of the stones around the little pond like an archeological dig.



In the summer months we built a birdhouse…



 planted a Courgette…


and enjoyed our tiny garden here in Yorkshire.


We visited a number of Open Gardens for inspiration…


played on the beach…


and celebrated a 3rd birthday at the Zoo


As Autumn arrived we completed the decorating of the mezzanine bedroom…


and drove down to Birmingham to watch our SIL compete as one of seven finalists in the Anchor Care Homes Chef of the Year.


October – we had a trip down memory lane as we passed through the historic village of West Linton on our way to Edinburgh


November – as the cooler weather takes hold I spent more time in the kitchen baking and trying out new recipes…


and of course making a few gifts for the ‘Crisis’ craft fair at church.


December – saw us collecting together and scanning a lifetime of photographs to make my mum a special family album photo book


Christmas Selfie

and celebrating with the family at our Not so Secret Santa present swap…


just enough time for making Lemon Curd for the girls…


and my Christmas ‘wreath’ for the door although it was not a wreath and I didn’t hang it on the door!


and finally a visit to the Living Advent in Saltaire Village.


All in all a good year – of course there was a fair share of ups and downs, trials and tribulations – but interspersed with many positive moments.
I know many bloggers now will be choosing a focus word for the year and I am looking forward to reading about these.  Over the last month I have been thinking long and hard of what I might like to accomplish in 2018 and unless I suddenly change my mind I have now settled on a focus for this year and all will be revealed soon.
Have a lovely Bank Holiday…back soon x
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A new journey…

I know I am a little late in saying this but…

Happy New Year 2015


After a long and sometimes difficult year I was quite glad to say goodbye to 2014 and welcome the new year – a fresh start and a new journey – below is a quick photo reminder from some of my posts last year which include one or two of the more memorable moments.

2014 in pictures


However, only a few days into 2015 we received a phone call from the care home where my mum in law lived to say mum was in A&E after being resuscitated from a choking incident.  Sadly she never regained any consciousness and died a few days later only days away from her 91st birthday.  Such a sad end – but her quality of life had not been good for the past 6 months with the worsening of her dementia and the Parkinson’s so in a way it was a blessing for her that she slipped away peacefully to a long earned rest.

Just before this drama occurred I had begun writing this post and thinking about what I might do this year as I pictured a whole new year stretching out in front of me – quite unblemished, as it was then, like a fresh fall of snow before any footprints appear.

I began by thinking about my focus word for the year – last year it was Focus and for the early part of the year this kept me on track, but as the year went by my Focus changed not surprisingly when we experienced the flood.  The impact that has had on our lives together with my colleague being off work ill has been tremendous.  Now I feel I need to get back on track, sort myself out and turn my dream of a simple and healthier life into reality.

After much deliberation over words I have finally chosen Wellbeing – I believe this encompasses all I want to achieve this year.

I wasn’t too sure exactly what came under the umbrella of wellbeing so I started with the dictionary definition

well-being or wellbeing
a contented state of being happy and healthy and prosperous

Of course I had to go and choose a word that had alternative spellings and after checking up on the difference I have chosen to go without the hyphen – this is the more modern interpretation as wellbeing is becoming a recognised term in its own right and I am told the hyphen will eventually be dropped just as similar ‘brought together’ words have in the past – I am just helping to accelerate that transition – so I apologise to any traditionalists that may be reading this!

My choice of Wellbeing is not because I feel really unhappy, unhealthy or lacking but the state of good health is not just the absence of disease – well not in my mind anyway.  If anything this last year has been quite a roller coaster from start to finish even the most positive of events – becoming 60 and a grandma within a couple of weeks was equally as stressful and emotionally challenging as becoming homeless due to the flood!

I have read that by taking care of what is important in one area can make life easier in another. Likewise, neglecting one area can negatively affect another. It is all about keeping life in balance – so I will be putting this to the test.

The areas that I will be looking to bring into balance are probably the same for most people who work and run a home

  • Personal & Leisure & Family – taking care of myself and allowing time for myself to enjoy my day-to-day life as well as spending time with friends and my family – it will take into account my hobbies and things I like doing recreationally – maybe starting new ones who knows!
  • Home – this is how I will deal with all the management of the house – housekeeping – decorating – gardening – general upkeep
  • Health – the goal here is to become healthier both physically and mentally and will include exercising – meal planning and putting to right any niggling health issues
  • Work – I think this speaks for itself – I definitely need to find an answer to reduce the long hours I have been forced into doing
  • Finances – this area had plenty of focus last January but is ready for another minor overhaul

In addition I want to take steps to slow down, where possible the pace of my life, and make it simpler so that I am able to live the moment and enjoy the day and not feel quite so guilty when I find I am doing one thing instead of dealing with another.

So there we are Project Wellbeing – all I have to do now is work out a plan of action and I feel my first task is to establish some routines to provide some stability to my life.

Hope you all have a good weekend – I have a bit of catching up to do in blog world but I know from my quick scans of my favourite blogs that many of you are well into any new challenges you have set for yourselves  I hope I will have time to leave the odd comment again soon but this might be after the funeral when life has calmed down a bit over here. x


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Hail the new, ye lads and lasses…

…Fa la la la la la la la…

Happy 2013

I love the beginning of a New Year it is so full of hope and promise of what is to come – new challenges to meet,  new experiences to encounter and new people coming into your life, if only for a brief moment.  Below is a photo and excerpt from my Celebrating the Year 2010 Art Journal.

Mull of Galloway

A calm New Years Day near the Mull of Galloway

“January is named after Janus the god of the doorway and is therefore the door to the year and as the New Year suggests a fresh start.  When I took this photo on New Years day I had no idea what the year ahead would hold – it is a special moment like turning to that first clean page in my new journal. For me it is the feeling that I am on a new journey, a new beginning and I wonder what will unfold before me each year; what joys and sadness are to come.  As I begin to write I am aware that each entry I make is, not only capturing a snapshot record of my day, but will become my history and treasured memories.

 The first day of January reminds me of the moment when you awaken to a fresh snowfall before any footprints have imprinted themselves into the clean, untouched covering of snow”.

Happy Birthday

January 1st is also a celebration for me as it is exactly a year since I began my blog and I must say I have loved every minute of my new pastime.  I began reading a few blogs in 2008 when I had an operation and was off work for 6 months and had plenty of time on my hands but it was only last year that I finally took the plunge and started my own.  It has been a constant surprise to me that people have even stopped to read my blog let alone follow it along and I have realised how valuable comments are in the process.  I have, over the course of the year,  discovered numerous new and interesting blogs to add to my list and have made many wonderful friends.


My word for 2013

This year I have decided that my new focus word to keep me on track will be REDUCE.  I have chosen this as it is something I need to address in all areas of my life.  I cannot Simplify without Reducing – one goes with the other.  So the time has come to explore this seriously.

I am not sure I can live with only 50 possessions nor survive on as little as £1 a day or even claim to produce a mere one bin bag of rubbish over the coming year but every area of my life will be examined and measures taken to drastically cut such things as spending, waste, possessions and rubbish.

To log my journey of reduction in all things I have decided that a separate blog is necessary and anyone who wants to link through to follow this can do so below or from the sidebar.

As this blog is named ‘Where the Journey Takes Me’ and is a journal of my daily life in general and will continue in this manner I thought my new blog which is taking me in a definite new direction should be called ‘Re-routed’

I would love you to follow along with me and I always welcome plenty of comments and advice especially from anyone who is perhaps one step ahead of me.

I wish everyone a Happy 2013 and I look forward to reading about all the wonderful plans being made.