being thrifty, trEAsury

Recycling the magazines…

and gaining twice the pleasure…

County Living 2


As this year is my year to REDUCE everything in my life I had to make the difficult decision not to buy any magazines AT ALL, all year, unless there are extreme circumstances why I should need to.

As I usually head straight for the magazine isle when I enter Sainsbury’s to do my weekly shopping this was, I thought, a step too far but I have even surprised myself and after seven visits so far have managed to browse, but not buy, any magazines, and although I feel a bit guilty at reducing Mr Sainsbury’s profits I hardly think my ‘no magazine spend’ will send them into administration.

Of course this decision has been made so much easier because one of the Christmas gifts from my better half was a subscription to Country Living so I am not totally without my little bit of monthly pleasure and I quite like the surprise I get when I arrive home one day to find it waiting for me on the mat.

It was during the early days of my withdrawal that I suddenly hit upon the idea of rereading last years copies of  Country Living and Country Homes, that I had saved.  So at the moment I am rereading the March issues and when my new Country Living arrives for April I will pick out the April 2012 ones to read and it is just like having bought new ones.

This time round though, after cutting out any recipes and articles I want to keep, I will be putting the older copies in the recycle bin so that I do not end up with a magazine mountain, however I will hang on to the new 2013 copies so I can reread them all over again next year.


Country Living