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the nicest thing about the rain…

…is it stops eventually!  AA Milne


Don’t you just love the Pooh quotes – they always make me smile – the rain hasn’t stopped here all weekend – so no gardening possible for me –  I even had to go shopping in the rain this afternoon something I dislike doing on a Sunday but needs must.

I had a number of items to look for mainly for the caravan – a doormat, various sticky hooks for the keys and other items that require hanging and a small dish drainer.  You have to be quite creative in a caravan as space is tight.  I headed to Wilko’s as this often good hunting ground for such items and I wasn’t disappointed- though the dish drainer came from Sainsbury’s.

Then on to Boots as I had a few toiletries on the list – I use Liz Earle’s shampoo and conditioner – a bit pricey (for me) but I like the natural ingredients and it suits my hair and scalp.  I find you need very little to get a good lather so it goes a long way.  I took advantage of the double and triple points coupon I had been sent by post this week.

As it is Sunday my usual health food stores are closed so I had to go to Holland and Barrett for some Aloe Vera juice- to help my digestion (should have thought better of eating the sprouts we had with our meal on Friday – they tasted very odd and shortly after my digestion was, shall we say, a bit disturbed and a bit nauseous, and hasn’t fully recovered all weekend).  They had a half price offer on so I added in a tub of vegetarian gravy powder.


Finally, I popped into TK Max and found a small decorated box to keep my bits and pieces in on the bedside table and this unusual little white enamel pot with a stainless steel lid that I can keep cotton wool in at the caravan.


On my way to the till I spotted a lightweight duvet jacket with hood for my granddaughter.  It folds up into a really tiny package and I thought it is one of those handy items for the summer that you can squeeze into your handbag on a day out just in case of a shower or cool breeze.


With Easter in mind –  I picked up a cute little decorated box in Wilko’s for £1.50 and I will fill it with coloured paper straw and hide some little bite sized Lindt bunnies in there to give to my granddaughter.


Also in Wilko’s I spotted a rather nice glasses case which I need so my reading glasses don’t get damaged in my handbag.  My last one wore out ages ago and I have been without since.

So quite a fruitful shopping trip – although in terms of spending maybe I have spent a touch more than I intended – but they were all fairly low priced items and I did avoid stopping in Costa for a drink so saved a bit of money there.

The bowl of daffodils above arrived by post and were a surprise from my granddaughter for having her to stay overnight last weekend – (I think my daughter might have had a hand in this as even though my clever little 2 year old can work an iPad with no trouble I am not sure she has yet mastered internet shopping)!

Apologies for the quality of photographs it was quite dark in the house when I returned home after shopping and I am a bit short of time, but no doubt you get the gist!

Thank you for all the tips and hints about eBay in the comments.  It looks like I need to watch out for a few drawbacks.  I must say I am quite daunted by it all even though part of my job is to train people on our computer software programs and I maintain the software at work –  I am not a savvy online shopper.

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Happy Valentines Day…

Hubby has been away for a few days but he hadn’t forgotten it was Valentines Day – I had a call at 9am this morning telling me to look under the settee and there it was… a card together with a large box of Milk Tray…ahhhhh. 
It was lucky for me that he was a few hours away as it gave me chance to first organise a card for him (homemade)…

Valentines Card

and then a cardboard tray…

Chocolate Tray


Chocolate Tray 2

whilst making a slab of chocolate on a lined baking tray.
Before it sets throw in nuts, fruit and crystallised ginger at one end and toffee pieces, honeycomb and chocolate chips at the other.  Melt some white chocolate and with a spoon flick across the tray haphazardly…

Chocolate Slab

Just before the chocolate sets hard cut out heart shapes with a metal cutter and lay them on baking parchment, then use up the left over white chocolate by pouring into the heart cutter.  Cool in the fridge for a while.  When set remove from the mould and warm the back of a spoon to run over the heart then coat with sprinkles…

Chocolate Hearts

Lay the chocolates on the decorated tray and cover with cellophane…

Chocolate Hearts

Then just time to hide them away and rush to put a bit of lippy on before he turns into the driveway…

Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day

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Follow me in merry measure…

Fa la la la la la la la la…

While I tell of Yule Tide treasure…

Christmas Flowers

Little posies of fresh flowers and foliage in empty decorated jam jars are presents to my friends this year

Homemade Chocolates

together with a few homemade chocolates

Gingerbread Houses

and some decorated Gingerbread

Gingerbread Houses 2

all packaged in cellophane

Handmade Chocolates

to give them a bit of Christmas sparkle

Christmas Presents

So my making and baking has come to an end now.

Christmas Cards

The Christmas cards are displayed

Christmas Mantle

The Mantlepiece decorated

Christmas Tree Baubles

and the tree is laden with vintage baubles passed on to me from my mum and grandma reminders of wonderful Christmases past at home in the fifties and sixties.  Underneath are the presents all wrapped and waiting…

…and finally there is just time to wish all my readers and new friends I have made this year

a very

Happy Christmas

Fa la la la la la la la la…

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My christmas crafty bits…

Christmas Crackers

We had a great Christmas this year with the whole family together for the first time in a couple of years.  To mark the occassion I made crackers for all sixteen of us – and they had jokes, bangs and a gift inside.   As it was after midnight on the day before Christmas Eve when I was making them I must apologise that they are a bit wonky but that all added to the charm.  The ‘boys’ had a range of small toys from Hawkins Bazaar to keep them amused and one of those whizzy long balloons that you blow up and (before you pass out) you let go.  The ‘girls’ had various Christmas earings from Sainsbury’s.  Much more of a surprise than the normal cracker gifts where you can see what is in them when you buy them.

Homemade Chocolates

My friends received a box of Handmade Chocolates – it is the first time I have ever made them and it was great fun.  I am now eager to make some more.  We finished the leftovers and mis-shapes very quickly.

There are two layers of chocolates separated by a piece of gold card neatly slotted into the box which I bought from Paperchase.  Eight chocolates all together and a mixture of dark, milk and white decorated with tiny white snowflakes, christmas coloured sprinkles or drizzles of white chocolate.

This is how they looked packaged in cellophane with a hand stamped white gift tag and tied with black raffia.