Chirpy chirpy tweet tweet…beeeep…

Hot chocolate, Café Zéphyr, Paris

Day 3   – Imagine that…

…you are tucked up warmly in bed sipping a mug of steaming hot cocoa and a enjoying a good read.  The light fades dimly in the background casting soft shadows around the room, you yawn and snuggle down drifting into a deep sleep as the room is now plunged into total darkness.

English: Willow Warbler (trochilus) Whiteworks...Birdsong

Eight hours later you are woken gently from your dreams by a soft light bathing the room like sunshine on a fine summers morning, the rays becoming brighter and brighter as the air is filled with a chorus of gently trilling birds.  You wake refreshed and after a soft cat like stretch, fling off the covers and leap out of bed wide awake, eager to start another day.

English: Alarm clock 日本語: 目覚まし時計

Well not quite how it went just rewind to ….eight hours later you are woken abruptly to the sound of continuous chirping birds as well as the intermitent sound of two other beeping alarm clocks (that were on standby just in case) and realise you have failed to wake up at all this morning.  In fact hubby obviously woke first and judging by the empty side of the bed I presumed was already in the shower escaping the noise.

One by one I hit each of the alarms until silence at last….. aah much better until that is hubby appears back in the bedroom draped in a towel and whistling the same b***** dawn chorus.

Anyone want to buy a Lumie Bodyclock – good as new – one careful owner!