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On your marks… get ready…shop

Ooops you’ve just caught me doing a little dusting and having a quick tidy round because my dear old (less of the old I hear her say) mum is coming to stay for a few days for the big Christmas shopping extravaganza.  Now as my frequent readers will know my mum could shop for England and she can certainly out shop me which wouldn’t be too difficult because I am not a natural shopper I would much prefer to be gardening or baking.  She likes to visit us in November so that we can shop together for some of her presents.

Huddersfield Train Station

Huddersfield train station

So tomorrow afternoon after work I will meet her off the train we will head for our local shopping centre Kingsgate open tomorrow for the first of the late night shopping events.  It is a small mall and the only department store is House of Fraser – quite posh really for Huddersfield – it used to be Beatties a southern chain I believe until they were taken over.

English: An entrance to the Kingsgate Shopping...

I much preferred Beatties it was a more independent store and you could buy anything from a toilet brush to knitting needles.  My eldest daughter worked there for a while on ‘Pen Island’  so named by her because she was marooned in a triangle of glass counters that held a wonderful selection of fountain pens.  She had to stand all day and could not leave her post until relief arrived.

The store always reminded me of the comedy show ‘Are you being served’ as the staff had to address each other as Miss so and so.    Sadly pen island is no more than a single stand banished to the lower ground floor of House of Fraser to make way for the extended designer handbag range.

English: Saturday afternoon in Meadowhall shop...Meadowhall

Anyway I digress (or even divulge as our IT guy at work has been known to say!).  On Friday we will venture further afield to the famous Meadowhall in Sheffield and end the day at Compos Fish and Chip restaurant in Holmfirth for a pensioners supper for mum and whatever vegetarian meal I can find on the menu for me.

Bakewell in Derbyshire - the Parish Church tak...


On Saturday we will have a run into Derbyshire – maybe Bakewell as it is a very Christmassy place and has lots of little independent and crafty shops to visit. Sunday we will make the treck back up North to take mum home and maybe call in at my daughters new shop on route so that granny can have a look round.

So do forgive me if I am quiet for a few days – I should be back next week – for now I am going to go to bed to recharge and see what tomorrow brings with the ‘Dawn Chorus’.  See you soon…