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A week of celebrations…

What a lot of catching up to do when you have been away, I notice that everyone in blogland has been busy writing and posting profusely and it will take me some time to visit you all and catch up on the news – I feel quite out of touch.

I have so much happening at the moment that I couldn’t possibly write about it all but the most pressing thing is our office move tomorrow.

A different room on a different floor with a different view.  Change is always challenging and for us it will mark the end of an era after 7 years in the same place and we are not sure whether we should have a leaving do or a ‘room’ warming in the new place, whichever we decide on we have already got ourselves a stash of chocolate goodies to get us through the day.

Of course there is always one person who decides to be difficult and through her own very selfish actions has made the move a bit of a nightmare.  What a shame the management wouldn’t give her an office space of her own (which we believe to be the reason for the awkwardness) as we also would have welcomed it rather than have to work with someone who is going to complain and be obnoxious all the time like she has been for the last few weeks.

But less of the moaning it is not all doom and gloom as I will continue to share an adjoining desk space with my colleague, who does the same job as me and is a really good work mate, and we will get through this together just as we have weathered everything else over the last 12 years.  They don’t call us Hinge and Bracket for nothing!  We have become inseparable and really have fun working together.

On the brighter side I have managed to fit in quite a bit of partying over the last few days.  Last Thursday night we went to my friend’s daughters 18th birthday celebration, a gathering of close friends and family and it was so nice to relax and chat over a little wine, a few nibbles and some gorgeous cake on a week night.

Birthday Goodies

This was repeated again on Sunday when we attended my Russian niece’s babies 1st Birthday party in Pooh Bear style.  It was a lovely time for all our family to get together, have a good natter and catch up – and just like Tiggers it is what we do best!

Cake Pops

These were the delightful Honey Bee cake pops she had made using yellow chocolate – I didn’t even know you could buy yellow chocolate!  Don’t you just love those wonky grins!  We came away with goodie bags full of jelly beans, dolly mixtures and flying saucers – much more fun than the grown ups parties and I am still humming and singing all those Pooh Bear songs at work this week.

Have a great Wednesday.