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Ready, steady, pack…

Rain, rain and more rain…but I am sure it is about to stop because a) – it has now rained constantly almost since that sunny day in March when my sister got married (and how lucky was she!) and b) –  tomorrow we are going to our cottage for 2 weeks…yeah…and I have ordered good weather.  We set off tomorrow for Scotland to escape our normal busy lives here.

We are going to a special place that is just as unhurried and stress free as you can get…

where we are hidden away with a gorgeous view to wake up to…

and my flowers are well in bloom…can’t wait to see my garden again.  It is always a surprise to see how much everything has grown.

But before then the packing has to be attended to and as always the question is where to begin.  Of course I won’t be even attempting to do the Friday Fling today

  • Finish bits of washing for holiday
  • Change and wash bedding – I like to put fresh bedding on before we go so it is clean to come back to.
  • Wash clothes ready for work when we get back – I may not get them ironed but I know they will be clean for our return.
  • Ironing to do – as much as possible
  • Prepare clothes to take with us
  • Pack some basic food items – we will shop for rest when we get there
  • Quick flick round with the duster
  • Run hoover over the floors
  • Check bank accounts
  • Water plants indoors
  • Clear out the fridge
  • Have a sit down for half an hour and a cup of tea!

So I won’t be blogging for a while until my return as we don’t have TV or phone or computer at the cottage – no technology just a mobile that only works at the bottom of the garden.  Bye for now…

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Reflections on the week that was…

Friday night at last after a long exhausting week which has seen my two work colleagues have their lives unexpectedly turned upside down.  Today should have been my day off but because of the unusual circumstances at work I had to go in today to keep on top of everything before I go away for Easter.  It is unfortunate that the Easter holidays have almost collided with my return to work and although I have only been back two weeks I am now going to be away for two weeks.  So instead of being able to pack and set off tonight we are having to delay this until  tomorrow.  At this very moment I have a few items in the washer which I hope will dry before tomorrow if I can stay up late enough to get them out.

Houseplants and Clean Air

Most of our clothes are clean and it should not take long to pack but some of the tasks we need to do before we leave can take quite a long time to complete – such as watering the house plants, emptying bins, checking the fridge and the endless charging of mobiles and cameras.  So far I have done the bins and will put the chargers on before I go to bed  – I aim to check the fridge whilst washing up the breakfast dishes in the morning and give the houseplants a good soak while I am packing.  Luckily we can set off at any time and although I would like to leave as soon as possible I am not going to race around the house to do so.

I really thought this time I would be all organised and ready but with the developments at work I don’t feel I have had any choice but to stay late every night to avoid a catastrophe.  I have been so tired each night that I haven’t even opened my planner.  This is exactly what I meant in my earlier posts about yo-yo organising when some unexpected event crops up and chaos takes over once again.  How do other people cope and keep organised when up against difficult times?

In and amongst all this I have had some new ideas which I will write about soon as it occurred to me that I have certain good habits that I never fail to do no matter what – for instance I always cleanse and wash my face and brush my teeth at night before bed – I would rather leave a sink full of dirty dishes than have a dirty face when going to bed.  I just need to expand on these automatic habits a little more.

Have a good Easter everyone and I will be back soon.