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There was a lack of sunshine here today but it was mild and we did have a dry spell or two but mainly we had a light drizzle .  Not brilliant for gardening but we needed to get out there and plant some holly bushes where an old Escallonia hedge had died.  Escallonia is supposed to be reasonably tough but we have found that one by one over the years we lose a bit more in a bad winter.  I hope the holly fares better.

We will be on our way back home tomorrow ready for work on Monday.  Shame.

Next weekend I will have to get my summer clothes out and decide which items are going with me to Italy.  I have my wedding outfit and I am hoping I will have a parcel waiting for me at home containing the shoes, though I am thinking about getting the white ones after all but I will see better when I can try outfit and shoes on together.  DH is sorting out travel insurance and money so I only have to think about the luggage and packing, washing and ironing.  I will need to decant shampoo and toiletries into small travel containers and check the travel hairdryer and adaptors.

As my eldest daughter and her DH are now going to the wedding and they are going to hire a car for their two-week stay it will solve the travel problem to and from the wedding and reception.  This is actually more than good news as we had just been told by the bride’s mum that the mini bus taking guests from the wedding to the reception about 8 miles away might not materialise after all.  Of course the downside is that we were going to borrow their suitcases if they were not going so now we need to sort this out.

It is only 19 days until we go and I feel a bit in limbo – not able to start any major projects and knowing that when we get back both the garden at home and in Scotland will be needing major attention as everything will have suddenly taken off including the weeds.  I bought some courgette seeds but of course I will not be able to sow them if I am not home to water them.  We will be having a bit of an eBay break too as we cannot a list anything if we are not here to post the items.  We have done quite well so far and of all the items listed only the six white wedding brollies remain unsold and some bath taps.

As well as the eBay items I have been sending a lot of unwanted stuff to the charity shops.  I have tried to be quite ruthless both in what I keep and what I give away.  Much of the stuff is actually things I didn’t buy in the first place.  Some of the stuff belonged to my elder daughter and she has been taking a few boxes back to her house each week to sort through.

The old pile of papers has now been burned on our recent bonfire – old bank statements and paperwork of closed accounts – they have mounted up over the years but I am satisfied I will not need them.  There was far too much to shred so bringing the four boxes up to the cottage and burning it was a good option.

So my house is feeling a whole lot lighter and I feel better for the clear out it actually makes me want to do more and it certainly makes it easier to keep the place clean.  When we get back home I intend to go through a few more drawers and cupboards and look at the 80% of stuff we never use – I realised whilst doing the recent declutter that I actually prefer to have only those items that we use all the time and when I come across something I haven’t used for ages I am going to either start using it or pass it on.

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend.

Welcome to the two new followers.

Back soon x


11 thoughts on “drEAming…making plans”

  1. So glad the car situation in Italy has been sorted. As for the new luggage issue, perhaps some good friends/co-workers might have luggage you could borrow? My DH would be happy to loan you some luggage–permanently–from my vast collection :), except, of course, I am across the Pond. However, when I was in UK in January, I did need to get another bag for my return trip (e.g. grandchildren’s gifts). Ended up with a ‘Go Travel Bag’ from John Lewis. Of course, they aren’t hard luggage so no wheels, etc,, but they come in various sizes for 15-25 Pounds. They do have handles, as well as wide shoulder straps. The good news is that they fold up into their own pouches and don’t require any storage room when not in use. Just slip in a drawer. And next time I go on a trip, I will slip it into a side pocket of my luggage to bring home any additional purchases.

    I am with you on the clearing out—guess I should start with that suitcase collection.


    1. Ha ha – our loft too has a bit of a collection of suitcases which resembles a parking lot LOL! The two medium ones we had earmarked for our trip are my daughters so that leaves the one rather large one and the cabin sized one. The cabin one is ours and we will be using that and buying another for me to use but just a cheap lightweight one. The very large one is also my daughters but a bit cumbersome for moving around a lot given that we will be moving to 3 different hotels and an apartment. The rest of the collection are the various backpacks of my daughter and partner – but not suitable for this trip. You can tell she is the traveller in the family. As we usually go everywhere self catering and with our car I get away with those polypropelene laundry bags!!
      PS thank you for the kind offer to loan some to me.
      I will look at the one you mention it sounds good if we bring anything home and need extra room – though I am hoping I am not too tempted having just cleared some nice space in my house!


  2. Well done for getting rid of so much stuff. I agree it is a very lightening experience when you pass on things that you no longer use or want to keep. There’s still a long way to go here, despite two or three years of concentrated decluttering. Scary to think of the starting point I was at a few years ago, especially when I think about how much there is still to do. Good luck with future decluttering.


    1. Thanks Ann – your decluttering posts have certainly helped me to keep focused over the months. I often wonder why I bought things in the first place and think of how I could probably have been close to a millionaire now if I had kept my money at home under lock and key so I could not be tempted to buy stuff!


  3. Less really is more. It’s freeing letting go of things that no longer serve a purpose in your life. Have a terrific time in Italy. Just thinking about a wedding in Italy sounds like a fairy tale. Enjoy!


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