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drEAming…back to normal

Back home, safe and sound now and back to work too this morning.

Tonight it felt like last week and the snow never happened – all melted away and everything quite calm.  Yesterday we journeyed 250 mile through parts of the country that had experienced heavy snow and the only road that wasn’t cleared was the one we live on – the forgotten cul-de-sac, forgotten by the council as they never send a gritter or snow plough down here.  As we live on a hill and can only get out by going uphill most residents have to park their cars on the road going down to the village when it snows – it is safer and usually more passable.

It wasn’t easy getting back into work today – I spent more than an hour alone reading the emails waiting in my inbox – most of them about the weather and who had struggled in and who was working at home and the offer of a free breakfast butty from our employers to the ones who had braved the snow.  I was very surprised to find the auditors had decided to call off their visit last Tuesday – they were put off by the threat of snow so after all that hard work preparing before my week away we have to wait now until after Easter.

After work we headed to Sainsbury’s to do the weekly shop – the vegetable aisle was quite bare in places, no cabbage, cauliflower or courgettes, the suppliers having difficulty providing the goods because of the snow.  I took advantage of a few grocery items on offer and stocked up on fresh eggs and bread – have you noticed toilet rolls are becoming much smaller, when I came to put them away tonight we had an old one at the back of the cupboard it was both taller and fatter than this more recent equivalent.

The second item we listed on eBay, the curved shower screen, has now been sold and waiting collection so on Thursday my first day off we will be listing a few more items – DH has already written the information ready for me to proof read and then we will have to decide on a price.   I don’t think this time round I will take that much notice of the eBay suggestions on price – I think we could have got a little bit more than we did for our goods given they were brand new and discontinued so very useful for the people who have bought them to be able to get hold of them – I know we have been in this position ourselves trying to find something that has been discontinued so I am more than pleased we have been able to help these buyers out.

We arrived home yesterday to only two letters after over a week away – that must be a first.  Usually we can’t open the door – though a lot of the mail waiting on the mat can often be junk.  We assumed that the postman probably hadn’t got round with the snow – we were probably right as today we had a flurry of mail.  Amongst the usual kind of business letters – my annual tax summary, annual pension statement, new terms and conditions for our banks etc (so plenty of bedtime reading) I had been sent a £5 reward voucher from Wyevale to use at their garden centres and a 20% off Neal’s Yard voucher code – so I can use this to buy my next lot of face cream and serum (one of my indulgences – I only hope it is working, but how would I know what my skin would be like if I used something else?  I can hardly compare unless I use different creams at the same time on the different halves of my face – but that sounds far too complicated for me!

Well my cosy bed beckons and I need my beauty sleep just in case the face cream needs a lot of help to rejuvenate my ageing skin.

Back soon x



12 thoughts on “drEAming…back to normal”

  1. I always ignore eBay’s suggestions too and list for what I would like to achieve for each item. Sometimes if you put them on auction listing, which I do if I’m away, you even get more than you originally wanted.


    1. It is a bit of a learning curve for us. I wasn’t sure about putting the items in for auction as they are things that not a lot of people would find useful and only of use to someone who had maybe broken their own and wanted a replacement as both articles are discontinued now. We are happy with the amount we got but I might just ignore eBays suggestions next time as they led us to believe that our items might not sell at all!


    1. I found a road worse than ours this morning over the moor to town – it was like a tobogan run with only half the narrow country road cleared and snow higher than the car on each side. Luckily no one was coming the other way.


  2. the snow feels like a distant dream now. Hard to believe that it was only this time last week when snow began to fall. Some remains in the front garden, but looking at the heavy grey sky, I suspect rain will fall soon and take the remains away with it.

    I’m glad you got home safely, and things are back to normal. x


  3. I am a wuss when it comes to driving in bad weather. At the mere hint of snow I hit the online delivery button and stock up on the essentials! Yes…wine, dogfood. Funny you should mention toilet rolls – it’s the only item Jon ever volunteers when I ask if there’s anything we need. The days of one roll hanging up have well gone – now its a pack of 9 always in the cupboard and 4 or 5 on the holder.


  4. Sounds like the first day back was a bit of trial (e.g. scouring through a ton of work emails, grocery shopping, and catching up, in general). As far as the auditors not showing up after all the work you did, well, at least you will be ready for them when they come. The same thing used to happen in my work…auditors say: “we’re coming, we’re coming”…then, “Oh, maybe next month”, In the US, the big audit firms always seem to send their least seasoned workers for audits. We would have to spend inordinate amounts of time explaining to them how the grants actually work and/or the real requirements or they would make a huge number of incorrect assumptions. All I can say is best of luck whenever they do show up.

    As for the incredible shrinking toilet rolls (and tissues, cereals, coffee, every other product), we have the same issue here. The corporations are tricky, too, as in many cases, the size of the container /box doesn’t change but the amount inside does so you find yourself opening large boxes to find they are only half-filled. Coffee, for example, used to be sold in 16 oz packets, then it dropped to 14 oz, then to 12oz and now it is sold with only 11oz (312g)–for the same price. If you don’t pay attention to the cost per serving, you might not notice the change immediately. The little darlings :(.


    1. It has been termed ‘shrinkflation’ I believe, and will probably appear in the Oxford English Dictionary soon as an official word – it does actually get the point across though and all the manufacturers are getting on the band wagon to try and con us into thinking prices are not going up by just reducing the size.
      Going by todays news we are told now to cut down on portion size and calories but the manufacturers are doing just that very nicely for us already LOL!
      When the auditors decide to come we are ready for them (we have eaten the biscuits we bought for them though!)


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