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fEAsible…plans for March



I had to improvise with my header for my March intentions as we are still at the caravan – so with the help of the front cover from my Country Living magazine I managed to cut out the letters using their picture of spring flowers!

After listing far too many intentions last month I have tried to cut down this month to give myself a chance of completing more of them.  March is always a busy month for me with Mother’s day coming up and this year Good Friday falls at the end of the month on 30th March.  We will need to fit in a trip up to North Yorkshire – weather permitting as well as another visit to the cottage.

Most of our additional spending this month will be on gifts for Mother’s day and Easter so this won’t be a huge outlay but the visits will take petrol money and probably a trip to a tea room.  On the bills side we will have my car insurance to renew and a quarterly water rates bill but we have a month free of Council Tax.

On the plus side I am looking to bring in more money – the extra overtime at work and more sales on eBay, but the biggest savings are of course on not being tempted to spend in the first place on items I really do not need.  So staying away from the shops will be key.  We need to save as much as we can now to put towards our Italian trip – the taxi alone to the wedding for 7 of us has been quoted as 120 euros for a 12 mile trip (mmm I think we are being taken for a ride!) – we are presently looking into the bus times but not speaking the lingo it is hard to know if there is even a bus that would get us there in time.

I intend to plan our menus for March again to limit the amount I spend on food.  Most of my overspend last month was taking advantage of the groceries on offer.  I am not keen on stockpiling as it goes against the simplistic / minimalistic lifestyle but I think having extra of what we do use is better than having cupboards stuffed with foods we never use and I try to avoid having hoards of stuff we will never eat. 

At this time of year the vegetables we have been enjoying are still around – Brussel Sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli and leek but soon we will see Spring greens making an appearance and this is a good season for watercress. As the weather improves (I hope) I will need to search out my ‘lighter’ recipes to reflect the coming season and make meals using the same vegetables as the winter months but in recipes that are not quite so dense and heavy.  Instead of having a potato topping on my Shepherds Pie I will use cauliflower or broccoli rice, instead of a thick stew I will be doing a lighter casserole with less potato and swede.

Anyway enough of my rambling here is my list of intentions  for March –



Birthday cards – make 2 cards for friends and one for sister’s wedding anniversary.

Easter cards – twelve to make

Hen tea cosy – make a pattern and cut out the pieces

Reflecting the season and spending a little on some bunches of daffs and tulips to brighten up the house


Pensions – attend free advice appointment and book further appointment with IFA.

More eBay selling – bathroom taps – wooden doors – my wedding outfit

Buy Mother’s day gift for mum

Buy Easter egg for little L

Grocery shopping target – £50 week

Use Boots coupon for face creams and new mascara

Savings – move matured savings in Flexsaver to e-savings to replenish account

Begin new Flexsaver account and set up standing order

Car insurance to research and renew

Pay water bill – look at more water saving ideas – try to shave another £10 quarter off this


Garden tidy up at home

Garden shed to dismantle


Self care

Exercises – eyes

Make time to start some much needed fitness training using the plan from ‘Total Body Plan’ by Lucy Wyndham-Read (I have had this Magbook for a while now under my bed – it promises to deliver a toned body in 6 weeks for less than 15 minutes a day – we shall see!)

Continue with mixed fresh fruit in mornings

Take healthier snacks to work



Continue reorganising the wardrobe in the main bedroom and mending or decluttering any unused items of clothing.


Even though I carefully shortened my list it still seems like quite a lot but I find that setting some targets helps me to keep focused…what will you be doing in March?

Back soon x

10 thoughts on “fEAsible…plans for March”

  1. Other than my current challenges, I will just be trying to get through this month, as my Manager is taking two weeks off and I will need to cover the shop. I also still have some leave to take by the end of the financial year if I can or I will lose it. As luck would have it (or not), I am due to start one week of cover this week and I am full of cold. Typical. I’ll just have to suck it up and get on with it.


    1. Sometimes I find just getting through a month at work more than enough to cope with alongside the general household chores, shopping and cooking – trying to fit a few extras in can be hard work. Hope your cold gets better – since I was told to take Vitamin D every day by my endocrinologist (I have no Thyroid) to help my immune system I have only had a couple of minor colds over the last 10 years whilst my colleagues are off regularly with one – I have no other explanation for why I miss getting them! Keep warm.


  2. Is it possible to rent a van (for the group) in Italy for the day (or two) you might need it, rather than pay an exorbitant amount for one ride? It might give you more flexibility and may or may not be cheaper.

    Sounds like you have a reasonable plan in place for March, even if it is a busy time. Hope you are able to make it back home safely today.


    1. Hi Mary – back home safe now thank you. Thanks for your suggestion – We looked into hiring a people carrier which is possible but (there is always a but) for the one day we would need it our enquiries found that we would have to pick it up on the Friday then find parking and we cannot take it back on the Sunday we can only take it back on the Monday and we will all be moving on to other places on the Sunday – and to hire for the weekend runs into the hundreds making the taxi a better option price wise when you add in petrol and car parking charges.


  3. you seem like you are well organised and have most things planned, well done! It is so difficult to fit everything in but I am sure having it all written down helps. xxx


    1. Hi Lyn and welcome to my blog – I have been over to yours and look forward to reading more – it will be interesting to see how you get along with your trials and I will no doubt be motivated to do more myself especially on something tried and tested beforehand!


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