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bEAching…woodland clear up day 4 – down tools day

An eventful day today and not an event that we had planned…

We woke up this morning to find we had no snow…but no water either – oh dear frozen pipes – luckily we had some bottled water to make a drink but we couldn’t wash or wash up or use the loo.

The first job of the day then was to jump in the car and head off into Stranraer to Douglas Dairy (I haven’t made that name up – you couldn’t make it up could you!) to buy more pipe lagging.  The piece we had in the garage was now a pile of bits left by a recent visitor so we needed something that would be nibble proof as obviously the temporary water pipe feeding the caravan is on the surface and the wildlife like a nice bit of juicy polystyrene foam pipe lagging.  DH said they do make one that is aluminium clad – ha-ha but not at the builders merchants in a small town like Stranraer.

So as we usually do, we improvised and DH covered the regular polystyrene foam lagging with strips of duct tape – well even if it doesn’t stop the wild life nibbling it will slow them down a bit and give them toothache.

Once back at the caravan, and the temperature still down at -3, the pipe had not thawed so there was nothing for it but to give it a helping hand and so we set to with the extension lead, my travel hairdryer, an empty water bottle and a kneeling pad, not to mention the hats, coats, scarves and gloves to brave the Artic conditions.

With the wind coming off the sea and whipping around the caravan at some force believe me  it was not the cosiest of places to be outside underneath the van on our hands and knees – hence the kneeling pad.  We topped and tailed the empty water bottle and split it so we could wrap it round the pipe to contain the heat from the hair dryer.  The length of pipe that was causing the problem was the last little bit as it joined in to the caravan under the floor – for some reason it was made of a different material and obviously not as weather proof.  After 5 minutes – eureka – we had success and we could hear water trickling out of the taps inside and then a sudden gush – music to our ears.

Once we had washed the dishes and then ourselves it was far too late and too cold to go in to the wood today so we decided to go for a run (in the car that is) – first to Port Logan and then Portpatrick.  Every now and then we stopped the car and I braved the ‘sea air’ to take a few pictures – but of course you will have to wait until I am home to see them.

Listening to the news reports for the rest of the country and the rest of Scotland we are very lucky so far to get away with not having any snow here on the Southern peninsula.  All the puddles and ponds here are frozen and the temperature has not gone above freezing all day – even the bull in the next field looked a tad cold and miserable – but we are not stranded…yet!

As if the beast from the east wasn’t enough we are soon to face storm Emma coming at us from the west.


Stay safe and stay warm and a very warm welcome to my new readers.

Back soon x

13 thoughts on “bEAching…woodland clear up day 4 – down tools day”

    1. Pipes working now but came to have a shower this morning and the drain trap frozen – just realised in time that the water in the shower tray was not running away! Good job it is a fairly deep shower tray.


  1. Definitely want to stay away from the woodland with those brisk winds. Hope the pipes stay unfrozen. When it is bitterly cold here (i.e. -12C or less during late Dec/early Jan), we leave the sink cupboard door open for a bit of added warmth and let the water trickle just a bit. Sympathizing with you on the wind. High wind warning here for tomorrow with over 40 mph sustained winds and gusts expected to exceed 60 mph. Living somewhat rural, if we lose power (a frequent occurrence), we also lose water/toilet. Time to fill the gallon jug containers.


    1. Wow -12 and we are complaining here at -3!! Pipes OK but shower trap froze this morning. Caravan starting to get a bit rocky now as the wind speed is increasing but cannot get back home to Yorkshire as our only main route is closed! So will have to stay put here and hope caravan doesn’t get whisked away with the gales! You sound as if you have everything set up for bad weather and know just what to do – we brits are always in denial about how bad it can get and usually it is not this bad so when it happens we are all over the place and not prepared. Our highways resources are absolutely stretched at the moment, schools are closed, hospitals cancelling appointments and non emergency operations now too. Not sure what the next few days will bring but it won’t be any gardening LOL!


  2. enjoying your ‘beaching’ stories while I’m toasty warm in my home in the US. Getting used to reading ‘caravan’ & thinking ‘cottage’. Caravan, to me, is a large mobile home on wheels. Our forecast is dreary with a chance of rain…am looking forward to seeing to sunshine, but when?


    1. Yes this is a moderate sized mobile home on wheels that we are living in at the moment and stands besides our empty cottage which is stripped out since the flood and is awaiting renovation. So when I refer to going to the cottage we are actually staying in the caravan – confusing I know.


  3. oh no, that does not sound like fun! Hope you are feeling warm and toast now.
    It is so cold, the wind is evil and makes it seem a million times worse. But I know that come summer I shall look back fondly at all the coldness! x


    1. Maybe just a touch too cold Sadie – there is snow and there is snow – in Yorkshire it has passed the point of looking nice and scenic I think – the M62 our only route home was at a standstill for about 7 hours today – I don’t fancy being stuck in that so we are staying put up here. perhaps going to try on Sunday to get back. Enjoy the snow whilst you can though. x


    1. It wasn’t pleasant but now the pipe has been lagged it should help a bit – it started to freeze up again by that evening and we were down to a drizzle but we were able to catch it in time and if you run the water before it freezes completely it helps to keep it open.


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