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bEAching…woodland clear up day 3

Day 3 in the woodland garden – the weather still holding off enough for us to get into the wood and continue clearing away the debris – I can’t believe our luck.  It did seem cooler today and we had a flurry of snow around lunch time but by the time we had eaten it had passed and the sun came out again.

We even got the grass cut on both sides whilst the very hefty but rather beautiful Charolais bull in the adjoining field was watching us with an amused look – I did point out to my DH that if the bull so wanted to charge the mere fact that there was a little fence and a stream between us would not deter anything of that size – best just to ignore him and not attract his attention, but not turn your back on him!

I have been playing tug o’ war with the ivy again – sometimes I win and it comes away easily when I pull on it and sometimes the Ivy wins and I have to resort to the secateurs – but I have cleared quite a large area now and found some interesting things beneath – a wooden pallet someone has obviously thrown over the fence, a charger for something, a fresh load of soil (hope it is not contaminated – probably the remains of some hanging baskets or tubs) and a few too many drinks cans.  The problem with people dumping pallets is that when they rot down the nails don’t and you can easily step on one –  I constantly worry in case we have any children playing in the wood that they might injure themselves.  People can be so thoughtless at times and although we have a stock fence around the wood it doesn’t seem to prevent unwanted visitors.

My long-term plan is to leave some drifts of Ivy and clear the rest to make way for some native woodland plants that I will introduce into this part of the wood – I don’t want it to look too decorative though I prefer it to look as natural as possible so I am looking at Cow Parsley, Foxglove and Anemone, we already have red Campion, Sweet Woodruff, Alkanet, Bluebell, Bramble and plenty of spotted dead Nettle.  If I don’t fill the uncovered ground up with something then the Ivy and Stinging nettles will just grow rampantly.

Over the last few years we have also acquired Bracken from the neighbouring field – it can be quite a problem as it easily gets out of hand and is not good to be breathing in the spores so as soon as it makes an appearance this year we will have to treat it – at the moment it is not easy to spot as it has died down but the runners are there lurking underground.

I have noticed a number of little abandoned nests here and there whilst the trees are bare – some of them rather precariously balanced – I like to think our little wood is a safe haven for the wildlife and birds and that they can live here happily undisturbed – well usually undisturbed – but I am really careful not to disturb any nests and there is no evidence of any birds nesting at the moment but I do need to get a move on and any clearing that isn’t done by the end of the week will have to wait until next year.

Whilst on the subject of rubbish (oh dear I hear you say another rant coming!) –  I do find it weird that as a householder at the cottage we should have 6 different recycling bins and boxes issued by the Council to put our rubbish in – as we don’t live here full-time and are not around to put out the right bin/box on the right day or generate very much rubbish we are allowed to put everything into the one grey bin – (however, this goes against my values so what we actually do is take anything recyclable back home with us and put it in the appropriate bin at home) anyway I digress – that is not actually the weird part I was going to mention – what I do find weird is that the pub at the top of the lane opposite our wood as a business generating heaps of rubbish doesn’t even have to recycle their cans or bottles and the caravan site beyond that with 28 vans doesn’t have to recycle anything either even if all the vans were fully occupied all summer – so their very large industrial bins can be full to overflowing with rubbish that is headed straight for landfill.



Back soon x


14 thoughts on “bEAching…woodland clear up day 3”

  1. I think that would frustrate me knowing that about those local businesses. Your wood sounds heavenly. I was lucky yesterday, as the snow held off for my going into town to work. Today, I’m at home and it is a different story, 3 inches and still snowing.


    1. That is a lot for London I think. I hear it is bad about 30 miles from here at Newton Stewart – don’t know if it will get over this far on the peninsula or if we will get back home as I think Dumfries and Cumbria that we would have to travel through are bad – we have no TV so relying on bloggers to get a picture of how bad places are! keep safe.


  2. Sounds like you and DH are working very hard, but hopefully the results will speak for themselves. Best of luck with the weather for the rest of the week.

    As for recycling vagaries, the US is just as bad. We do not have rubbish pickup (rural), so we have to take everything to the local dump ourselves or hire a private trash pickup. Recycling bins are provided for those who want to recycle and we do as much as possible, but we are not required to separate recyclable items (e.g. glass, plastic, etc.) because supposedly it is all accomplished at the recycling center (and I do wonder if that actually happens). Since recycling is not required in our area, I am pretty sure many homes and businesses don’t do it as the private rubbish firms don’t even offer an option to pick up recycling and it is doubtful most people make the extra effort to take those items to a dump. When visiting family in New Mexico recently, we discovered that they can recycle many things except for glass–no means to process it in the state. No set standards across localities and states, much less across the country.


    1. I once watched a program on India where women and children sit all day pulling apart items to recover all the recyclable bits from them and segragating it. Usually, they were able to recycle every part of whatever item it was, presumably these ‘unpickers’ made money for their efforts. It appears then that the developing countries could be streets ahead of us!
      As for the pub you would think they would at least have to recycle the glass and cans even the mass of food waste from the restaurant should be collected as it will be a far larger amount than the Council pick up weekly from individual householders.


    1. I am not sure I know what moth trapping is but yes we love our little wood – it is something we always dreamed of but never expected we would have. When we viewed the cottage the estate agent thought the garden ended at the edge of the lawn, luckily the seller was there and put him straight we were both shocked to learn the land went all the way through the wood to the road beyond.


      1. Moth trapping is using a light trap (its perfectly painless!) to attract moths and then recording what moths are inside. My partner is an avid moth-er, I am yet to be bitten by the bug as it normally involves staying out for most of the night in a wood somewhere! With the owners permission of course.

        Gosh you were very lucky with that house!


  3. We used to have a skip type bin at work and we could put all sorts in it. Apparently these bins are chargeable and the fee covers the company to sort and recycle the contents. That might be the same for the pub, caravan camp etc. You sound like you are working hard in the garden. I’m sure its going to be lovely when it comes to summer time.


    1. The bins at the pub go into the same Council lorry as the stuff collected from our bin so I don’t think this is the case. Obviously the Council will be charging business rates but the bin lorry just takes the stuff back to wherever the mixed rubbish goes. At work we use Biffa and they take all our recycle for us so this sounds similar to your work skip.


  4. I didn’t realise that your wood was so big, it must be a lovely to feature to have. You have been so busy this week! It’s amazing how the local businesses don’t have recycling facilities. Our nearest holiday park which we often walk through was excellent recycling facilities. Hope you have a safe journey home. Sarah x


    1. It isn’t a huge wood and we have lost a lot of trees so soon it might be more of a glade soon LOL! The pictures you will have seen on my blog are usually of the lower wood where we have the little pond and my woodland walk skirting the edge of the lawn. The upper wood is our next project because it has been so neglected but I want to keep it much more wild looking than gardened.
      I am sure some of the other site owners up here might have recycle facilities – sadly the owner of the one next to us could not care less. He would have our wood turned into car park given half a chance – he cannot understand why we like it as a wood!


  5. It is great that you have a wooded area on your property. I have had them, in the past, and miss it at our current house. But the nearest forest is just across the street behind the houses! (which makes me even more annoyed that the “council” planted so many new trees under the power lines, because it is a forested area anyway!) I wonder if any recycling schemes have been proposed for your local business owners – sometimes they get voted down because the businesses refuse any additional costs.


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