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bEAching…woodland clear up – day 2

So far so good – the weather is holding out and we managed a few hours again in the garden.  We were quite sheltered today in the wood as the wind was coming off the sea from the southeast  and for most of the time we were lucky to have the warm sun on us as we worked.


We were joined as usual by the robin – I couldn’t say whether it is the same one as before but there is always a robin hopping around when we are out in the garden following us around and waiting for an opportunity to grab a bite as we dig – though worms here are few.


In the two days we have now cleared a pathway through to the top of the wood near to the road and removed much of the rotting, broken branches and the ivy covering it.  The problem has been that so many people have been in the wood chopping this and that over the years and leaving the mess behind that the whole of the wood floor had become difficult to walk through without stumbling and was in fact dangerous.


There are always maintenance jobs to do in the wood but it had become an impossible task because as soon as the undergrowth starts growing it hides what lies beneath.  There has been rubbish too –that is the downside of having a handy pub at the top of your lane – some of the people visiting the pub obviously think it is fair game to throw their litter into our wood.  I often gather enough old beer bottles to start a brewery – but at least they are glass and recyclable – it is the crisp bags and sweet wrappers that are worse as they don’t rot down and can be a hazard to wildlife.


We noticed on the journey up just how much litter is lying on the verges at the moment – it was the same when we drove down to Cirencester – where has it all come from?   Britain is becoming one huge landfill site.  Why do people not take their litter home and put it in the bin.  A few weeks ago I watched as someone in the car park at Sainsbury’s went back to their car and before pulling out from their space opened their car door and deposited a heap of litter, fast food cartons and plastic bottles right there on the car park, then drove away.


Before that I had been waiting in the car outside Halfords in town whilst DH had popped in for a car headlight bulb – it was dusk and the car park was tucked around the back with no lighting so it wasn’t noticeable that I was there – a group of people who looked like mum, dad and daughter got into their car with their purchases – a set of car mats and a dangly car freshener.  They obviously did not know I was there because after they tore off the packaging from the mats to use them straight away the man opened the passenger door looked quickly around then threw the packaging over the hedge in front of him.  Then they took down the old air freshener and replaced it with the new one and once again the guy opened the passenger door look quickly up and down  and tossed the old one over the hedge to join the other litter.  Daughter then drove happily away – the packaging was now someone elses problem – I was left speechless and shocked!

Snow is forecast tomorrow but it actually sounds worse down in Yorkshire so maybe we won’t get home at the end of the week.  We have quite a stack of wood to burn now – shame it isn’t bonfire night – I only hope the wind changes direction so we can light it tomorrow – no snow permitting.  If we do get out tomorrow I will try to remember to take some photos of the before and after.

Going to ease my aching muscles now with a warm shower and bed.


back soon x



8 thoughts on “bEAching…woodland clear up – day 2”

  1. I’m pleased the weather is holding out for you. Not much snow in London yet. I was expecting more from reading the weather forecasts. Hopefully they’re over egging it.


    1. I have a feeling the weather might be OK here in Scotland – they don’t get a lot of snow by the coast – but it could be quite bad down in Yorkshire – glad I don’t have to struggle in to work – however, we may not be able to get back home!


  2. Glad you got a good day in your garden. I’m waiting to see if friends and I will get away tomorrow for a few days further north – snow forecast! But who knows?


    1. It is so hard to plan with the threat of snow – we are on amber alert here at the cottage – if it sounds like we might get stuck here we will head for home but I rather think we might get stuck getting back into Yorkshire! Have a good trip Freda if you get off.


  3. This is the first time that I have commented on your blog so ‘hello’. I read quite a few blogs but I rarely comment, maybe I should take part more as I’m sure you bloggers love the feedback! Anyway, I just wanted to say how much I agree with you regarding the massive litter problem that exists today. I am lucky to live close to the most wonderful beaches but the amount of litter that washes up on them is just horrendous. Plastic is the biggest problem. If you look closely at the sand it is often possible to see that it contains tiny bits of plastic (microplastics). Every single one of us needs to look very closely at our habits otherwise this planet is doomed. We need to buy less and re-use more, shop locally, refuse to buy heavily packaged goods etc but most of all, wage a war on single-use plastic. PS is a dangly car freshener really a necessity??!


    1. Hi Wendy – so nice that you stopped by and left a comment it is always nice to have a name to your readers. I am pleased that you share my views on this topic and it is heartening to know that many people are already doing something to reduce the problem. I wouldn’t have air freshners any where near my home or car knowing how toxic they are – I use the old fashioned fresh air – it comes free, is good for your health and only takes a minute to open a window! If I need anything else I sometimes put a few drops of essential oils in my oil burner.
      I have been in the wood again today and uncovered more cans and bits of polythene – any more and I will have to request a special collection from the Council LOL!


  4. Oh, how I despise litter! I live near a high school. The students walk to fast food places on their lunch break. They drop fast food and drink containers on the road all the way back, even though there are garbage cans available. I get discouraged because young people are very aware of environmental issues, and are choosing to ignore them. I guess it is just too embarrassing to carry an empty cup down the street for 200m or be seen dropping it in a bin.


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