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mEAndering…down memory lane in 1970’s Cheltenham

Here is part 2 of our trip down to Cirencester and Cheltenham…

For anyone that doesn’t know Cheltenham it is a Regency spa town and this is an example of the houses you will find there – usually painted and quite often adorned with wrought iron balconies and canopies – from my first visit when I attended my interview for the fashion course I fell in love with Cheltenham and this house was always one of my favourites just off the town centre – I love the intricate iron work.


As we wandered through the town we were surprised at how much we remembered –  we walked down the famous Promenade…


– it felt very much as it always did with Cavendish House (now House of Fraser) at the top of the street –  but many of the other shops along the stretch had changed.  It is a shame the trees are bare at the moment it looks quite splendid when they are in full leaf.

Habitat was at the very bottom of the street in the 70’s – our favourite shop because it was so modern and different then – but now long gone.  I remember that on a Saturday morning it was usual to see many of the wealthy shoppers parading the Promenade and Montpellier in their furs and jewels accompanied by their Afghan hounds and other beautifully groomed long-haired pedigree dogs.  Such a contrast to my home town of Huddersfield where the shoppers were much more about a bargain from a mill shop or the markets.


Behind the Promenade lies Regent Street with the Everyman Theatre – this has quite rightly received the Heritage Award for the complete refurbishment in 2011.


We eventually came to the High Street – the old HSBC bank (then the Midland) is still on the corner – I had my first bank account here and ran up an overdraft of £10 in my first term and was called in by the bank manager who looked at me sternly from across his desk and told me in no uncertain terms that overdrafts were a definite no no – putting the fear of God in me I went straight out to get the local paper and found myself a weekend job at the nearby hospital to pay it off and then went to bank with the Co-op where the two ‘old’ ladies on the counter upstairs always addressed me by my christian name and enquired after my progress on the course.

This is quite a famous pub because of the lovely old tiled exterior – it was never our local but it is good to know it has survived demolition.  Our local was still there but I expect the owners have long retired.

Further along the little old fashioned jewellers shop is still in business (surprisingly it looks just as it did then) – this is where we chose my engagement ring –  a diamond between to deep blue saphires and cost a hefty £28.  I still have the handwritten receipt and of course the ring!


Turning off the High street into one of the many side alleys we just had to go and see where our second rented house once stood – now demolished and the site occupied by a Lidl supermarket.  This picture is all that is left of 30 Grosvenor Terrace.  (I am the one on the bike and as you will notice beards were very much in fashion then!)


Our previous house called simply ’58’ was out on the Prestbury Road, which back then was a rather fine row of large semi-detached Regency properties with our very shabby student house letting the side down.  It now stands looking very grand and much more in keeping with its well maintained neighbours who have managed to keep their beautiful wrought iron canopies intact.

This house holds very special memories –  this is where I met both my life long friends and my husband – this is where we packed more fun into the few years we lived here than the rest of my life.  In all the time we lived here we never had a key – there was no lock to the front door so the occupants and everyone else just walked in and out – quite unbelievable now but I can assure you as poor students on very frugal grants we certainly had nothing of value to pinch so it was never a problem!!



The Art College at the top of Pittville near the racecourse has been demolished in places and rebuilt – this is how the fashion block looked when I was a student there from 1972 to 1975 …

Google image University of Gloucestershire


…and this is me leaning out of one of the upstairs windows – being young and slim I always got roped in to modelling both my own and other students creations for photo shoots and shows so I thought it might be fun to show you fashion in the seventies.




It was usual during our course to be involved in projects with fabric manufacturers like Courtaulds promoting their new fabrics.  We would be sent rolls of various fabrics and had to design outfits to suit.  This one was a hit with ICI fibres and was featured in the trade magazine Fashion Weekly – I remember that seeing my outfit in print was quite exciting – I think I even wore the coat a few times afterwards.



Below was a project for Heathcote fabrics in fine wool crepe and I made the coat for myself afterwards in grey wool for a trip to London – I thought I was the bees knees at the time!

Oddly whilst we were in Cheltenham I actually saw someone wearing an almost identical coat (now 40 years later – which just shows how fashions just keep coming around).


As well as the very stylised line and ink drawings I was very much into experimenting with pastels back then and drew large A3 sized freehand drawings onto coloured pastel paper which were so different to my fellow students that I worried the examiners might frown upon them.



Luckily not – but all my drawings do seem a bit crude now – with all the latest technology Fashion students today produce work that looks much more professional.

When I started work at New Look patterns in Bradford I was asked to design a simple range of patterns for the fabric manufacturers Landau Sekers to team up with our Special Offer patterns – I found these old drawings the other day.


I wondered if any of the patterns I designed back then might still be available now and Googled vintage New Look patterns and sure enough among the hundreds that are featured on Google images there are many designs that I remember doing –  though in general they are not my drawings on the envelope fronts as we used a professional illustrator called Alan who lived near Warrington and each week we would send him a pack of sample clothes we had made with fabric swatches and colour guides and he sent the hand painted drawings back to be used on the envelope fronts.

So that is my recent trip down memory lane and it was much more enjoyable than I thought it would be – I just wish I could go back and do it all over again and yes I certainly do miss Cheltenham.

back soon x

12 thoughts on “mEAndering…down memory lane in 1970’s Cheltenham”

  1. Well that was fascinating Viv! What a talented artist and designer you are. (You make me wish I had kept some of my student work….) i am so glad you had such a good time both then and now.


    1. Thanks Freda you are too kind – I am really not that talented just a get by – when I look back I always think how I could have done so much better – even with my present job in accounting and as I am nearing the end of this career I think how I could have improved had I realised what I know now.


  2. just wonderful. I have had a lovely catch up with your posts. I’m so sorry about your Uncle.
    Your photos have been wonderful to see. From the festive ones, to the family pictures. what a treat and an honour to see them.

    sorry I’ve been a bad blogger friend this year. I’ve been struggling with blogging for some reason, finding it hard to get the enthusiasm. xx


    1. Hi Sadie – I must say I have missed your posts recently and hope you find your enthusiasm again because your blog I feel has a nice balance and always makes me feel positive and more than that you have introduced me to the world of pink – I no longer gloss over pink things – I have in fact purchased the odd notebook and whenever I see something in pink now I immediately think of you – so you may feel a bad blogger friend but this is so not true as you like many other bloggers have enhanced my life and what more could a blogger ask of a friend. Take care and hope you will drop in again even if infrequently just to say hi. xx


  3. Loved your trip down memory lane. Really enjoyed seeing your art and fashion work. Isn’t it funny to look back to those days remebering what we thought we might do with our lives as compared to what we eventually did–particularly career-wise? My maths teachers would be stunned (shocked, more like) to think how much financial work I did managing huge grants. 🙂


    1. I really enjoyed working in fashion but after a bit of a break looking after elderly relatives I suddenly and by sheer chance found myself working in a Solicitors in the costs department dealing with Legal Aid – my maths teacher would also be quite shocked – seems like we both do a similar kind of work involving finance – mine is managing the firms Legal Aid contract and the money we are given to take on new clients who need legal advice and representation at Court.
      My involvement in fashion now is just choosing clothes for work from Sainsbury’s range mostly but I like being able to buy cheaper clothes and make them look more expensive – most of my colleagues are quite shocked when I tell them where an outfit was bought.


  4. Wow what a fantastic trip down memory lane. You were. and still are a very clever beautiful lady. I can remember making the boxy tops and skirts in the early 80’s when I made nearly all my own cloths. I really need to start doing this again.


  5. Wow that is a lovely wander down memory lane. It sounds as if you had a wonderful time while you were studying. I didn’t realise that you were a fashion designer, you made a good model too. Sorry it was sad circumstances that bought you back to Cheltenham. Sarah x


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