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drEAming…of Italy and a car

You may have noticed that I have been quiet the last few days – no I haven’t come down with anything – thankfully – although we had 3 people go home last Wednesday, I was pleased it was my last day and I could escape the germs.  I have been wiping desks, door handles and key boards each morning with my Dettol wipes just to try to keep them away.  Coughs and sneezes from work colleagues are harder to avoid!
No, the reason for my absence is that I have been a little overwhelmed lately  – well a lot overwhelmed actually.
I have a couple of large projects on the go at the moment and they are taking up all my spare time.  Once the time has been put in to deal with these the end results should be very enjoyable!
The first mammoth project is that I have to change my car before it is no longer useable.  It is sixteen years old and due an MOT by the end of this month and I already know it won’t pass so I decided that enough is enough and I need to buy a new one.  One that will last me another 16 years and hopefully one where the heater works during the journey to work not just as I drive into the car park, and where I can open or lock all the doors at once. 
After slogging around the showrooms, reading reviews and taking a test drive I have settled on one and placed an order – just got to arrange the insurance and then sit back and wait for delivery.  I am so sad though to be saying goodbye to my old faithfull friend – I just get so upset at the final parting.
The other project on the go is what I am referring to as the ‘Italian Job’
We are invited to my niece’s wedding in Italy (she is marrying an Italian) in April.  The ceremony and reception takes place in a small village in Northern Italy near Verona and Vicenza and not far from Venice.  We intend to make a small holiday of it and go for 9 days – three of which will be taken up getting to the wedding, enjoying the wedding day and then saying our goodbyes and moving on.  We will be meeting up with my two daughters for the wedding itself but then each of us are planning to go off in different directions. 
After the wedding OH and I have decided on a few days in Vicenza followed by a few days in Venice before flying home. 
We will need to book a hotel to stay in on landing at Venice Marco Polo then move round to the outskirts of Vicenza to another hotel closer to the wedding venue for 3 days.  Then another short move to an apartment for 3 nights in the centre of Vicenza to experience Italian life and finally moving to Venice for the remaining three days.  Four different hotels / apartments in all.  That’s a lot of packing and unpacking and a lot of booking.
The choosing of all these different places to stay has been a bit of a headache and so time-consuming – scrolling through endless internet pages of hotels in the region – what did we do before the internet?  Places that look OK on Booking.com can look quite different when viewing the travellers own photos on Tripadvisor.  I really hate it when you see a lovely hotel room on a website – stylish and clean and then discover that this is their only room of that decorative standard and on arrival you are shown to something quite different and very shabby in appearance (and I don’t mean in a chic way).
We have booked the flights, the hotel for the wedding and the train connection so far but still many bookings to go yet.  It is not a cheap way to take a holiday either – I can see why people opt for a package deal.
So I may be quiet for a few more days yet…I am still following and reading along though with everyone’s blogs and hopefully all will be back to normal again soon and blogging will resume.  If anyone has any tips for Italian travel they will be very welcome.

Back soon x

14 thoughts on “drEAming…of Italy and a car”

  1. We still have a Toyota that we have had for22 years and is almost the same age of our daughter, so I know how you feel about saying goodbye to your car, it has been part of our lives for so long! I’m sure you will have a fabulous time in Italy, we rented a caravan overlooking Lake Garda many years ago. It has fantastic when we flew into Marco Polo and saw Venice lit up the last rays of sunshine. When we returned to the airport at the end of the holiday we took the boat into Venice and it was amazing way to enter Venice, we loved getting away from the crowds and exploring hidden areas of this amazing city! Sarah x


  2. Thanks for taking the time to let us know why you’ve been quiet.
    I’m not surprised! Car purchases are traumatic enough but planning a holiday at the same time ………..!
    Like you we sometimes book holidays independently which take hours of arranging and a certain amount of stress wondering whether choices made are the right ones.
    Another type of holiday we take is with a certain travel company that does a door to door service for the brochure price regardless of where one lives.
    In our case we need an air flight to get to the start of the holiday flight and this is also included.
    I must admit it is bliss to be collected at our front gate and know that any connection problems are not our concern!
    The criticism of package holidays is that one can’t be independent but once at one’s destination it’s up to individuals to make the holiday their own within the time frame available.
    I’m sure you will have a wonderful time in Italy. All the spring flowers will be out and the tourist season won’t be in full spate.
    Look forward to reading about it.


    1. We have managed to get a flight from Manchester – our nearest airport because it was looking like it might be Birmingham or Stanstead which would have required yet another hotel before we had even got off on holiday! It is certainly an expensive way to have a holiday but we may as well extend the wedding weekend to a full week and go and see Venice whilst we are so close.


  3. Those are two big projects! Glad you have the car details sorted. I like the idea of having both structured and unstructured time in Italy! All I know of Venice is what I’ve read in commissario Brunetti mysteries! I haven’t seen the TV show.


    1. All I know is that there is a lot of water – it is very expensive and heaving with tourists but you can’t go so close to Venice without going to see it. We did want to stay in the old town but the nice hotels are out of our budget and the cheaper ones don’t always have good reviews and it would be a bit of a chance. I am too old now to rough it too much I like a comfy bed and decent bathroom!
      I am getting closer to taking delivery of the new car – my old one goes today but we are then trying to go up to Scotland weather permitting so cannot pick the new one up until next week. I am having so much difficulty trying to mesh everything together – January has been a difficult and complicated month – hope the rest of the year gets easier!
      I will need to have a read at the mysteries. I suppose I should start reading some travel guides to find out what we might do when we get to Venice – although I do like to potter round places and just ‘happen on things’ rather than make too many plans.


  4. Venice is the perfect place to just wander and things will happen – you will probably get lost for one thing! It is the most magical place to get lost in….and someone will always help you find your way back,


  5. Best of luck with your projects! Both are definitely time consuming endeavors. The only consolation I can offer in the trip department is that often package hotels don’t live up to expectations either. Hopefully, your choices will work out fine after all your hard work. Enjoy the new car, even though it is so hard to part with the old one. My husband still has a1968 convertible in our garage–he restored it many decades ago, but it is not working now. He just can’t bear to part with it.


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