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trEAsury…a good start


Birthday Card

We are now on day 8 of the new year and up to yesterday all we had bought during the week was milk and a bunch of flowers and box of chocolates for a birthday gift.  The card I made having a really good time with some tiny flower stamps I had bought a while ago but never used.
Total cost for first 7 days £11.   January is quite a heavy month for birthdays  – I have seven to buy for.
Yesterday we had to go to the supermarket for a few bits for my lunches and some fresh fruit and vegetables.  I was very organised and arrived with my menu plan and list in hand feeling confident that I was going to spend within my budget of £50.
After the first two aisles I came across a number of our usual grocery items on offer but not on the list such as coffee. 
In the end it seemed right to take advantage and stock up –  otherwise it will be a while before the offers come round again.
  • The very large Lurpack was down to £6.00 – we decant this into a butter dish which I quite like doing anyway – more elegant on the breakfast table than a tub – and a tub this size is not at all pretty – but it does last us for ages.
  • The seeded flat breads which are like Pitta breads are great for filling with salads for my lunch and these had been marked down to 80p for six.
  • The instant Lavazza which is normally extortionate price of £4.50 (but hubby’s favourite) was down to £3 a tin so I splashed out and bought 3 which should last us until the offer comes round again.
  • I also bought a couple of cartons of Napolina Pasata at 60p carton and a good pantry staple for making lasagne, chickpea bake or adding to any winter warming casserole.
  • We needed water filters and we were in luck this week they were reduced – I can only afford them when they are on offer but I do like filtered water – since I had the high levels of radiation a few years back it has left me with a very heightened sense of taste and smell like you get when you are pregnant.  They were reduced from £21 to £14 for six and we make them last 9 months so about £1.55 a month, which is well worth it for me.
So in the end we spent £72  – £31 on the offers.
Over the weekend I have been looking for new ways to maximise any rewards points, offers and freebies.  Reward points work well for me and the Nectar card at Sainsbury’s is the one I use most.  I haven’t really taken much notice of the online account before – but I ventured on there to order a new card as mine must be more than 20 years old and a bit worn out.  Yes I hate to say it but this little bit of plastic is heading for the landfill!
Whilst having a browses around I found I could get 200 points on my next shop and all I had to do was click to load the offer straight on to my card.
So I have now bookmarked the login on my sidebar for easy access and this is one account I shall keep checking into more frequently.
I then logged onto the Boots Advantage card site and found the same – not only have I £34 in points to spend but you can load any personalised offers straight to your card.  Why didn’t I know this before?  I wonder what else I am missing.
To boost the coffers over the January period I have a children’s outfit to return to M&S for a refund of £18 and my brother owes me £10 – he will just need a nudge about this.
As you can tell I will be trying to spend as little as possible other than food during January.  I even managed to avoid the magazines whilst in Sainsbury’s – I could see them out of the corner of my eye beckoning me with promises of losing 10lbs in 2 days or was it 2lbs in ten days or making me happy, less stressed, better dressed – none of these things would be difficult but I have heard it all before in last years magazines that I bought  – the ones that cost me over £100  – and did they make a difference – nope – none that I can detect.  I am still the same old me!
I have plenty of clothes for work and my new boots and old winter coats are still good. 
If I need anything it would be a plain black top, preferably a fine knit jumper, that will go with a few patterned skirts that I have and will give me another three outfit options to wear for work.  I bought the skirts ages ago but have never found a suitable top to wear with them – but there must be one out there and it seems a bit wasteful to have the skirts hanging there doing nothing.
Note to self – buy clothes in outfits then I am not stuck with oddments that don’t go with one another.
Back soon x



22 thoughts on “trEAsury…a good start”

  1. I would have done the same, overspent on budget to have the savings on expensive brands we love. If you waited until you required the items, there is a good chance you would pay full price. I stopped regularly purchasing magazines a few years ago. I do have a subscription to Gardeners World, but it was half price, I am keeping each one, so I can look back on them.Once it is finished I won’t renew. It is so easy to pop a couple of things in your basket and end up with a huge bill at the till. Clothes and shoes are off my list for most of this year.


  2. Good to anticipate future needs and not be so fixated on a specific figure that you avoid deals that make sense in the long run.


  3. It’s always a good idea to stock up on offers if it’s the products you are using anyway. I need to be more organised with this. I love your idea of decanting the butter. X


    1. I like having my butter in a butter dish so I am always quite happy when the large tub is on offer which is very often just after the offer finishes on the smaller sized ones. Every week I go up and down the aisles just looking for the bright red shelf stickers which denotes a product on offer in Sainsbury’s. I love it when it is a product I buy – some things come round quicker than others – I have it down to a fine art now and can almost predict when the offer will start. I say to my hubby don’t get that item this week it is due to be on offer soon and hey presto when we go the following week there will be a red sticker on the shelf!


  4. I don’t have a lot of storage space in the kitchen but like you, I decided to stock up on things we would buy anyway. Last year it all worked out when the weekly spend was averaged over the year, and we got some good deals. I have not got in the habit of loading offers on cards. Next month 2 major stores here are merging their rewards programs so I will start then. I love the birthday card you made. And snowdrops! in January!


  5. I’d do the same, stock up on the good offers. I’m laughing at you decanting the butter. Not because I’m laughing at you, but because I’m plotting on buying a butter dish this week and I don’t decant the butter! But maybe I will if I had a dish to put it in.

    You are having a good and organised start to the year. you are inspiring me! x


    1. The problem with offers is that I buy at least 3 when I find them and this does bump up the price of the weekly shop when you get coffee at £3 a tin but at least it is better than paying £4.50 normal price – when did coffee escalate to £4.50 that is a substantial amount of my hourly rate!


  6. You’re off to a great start! I hope you find the perfect black top to go with your skirts. It’s amazing how some basic pieces can really stretch a wardrobe. I work as an organizer, so I don’t wear anything “nice” to work. I buy inexpensive t-shirts to go with jeans, so that I don’t feel bad when things wear out. I do remember my office days, and how important it was to look professional. I can’t say that I miss that.


    1. It is amazing how hard it is to find a plain black top that just looks good because it fits well and doesn’t have sequins or an open back or uneven hemline or some fancy new fashion element. I just want something classic.


      1. Classic is best. Those are the pieces we wear year in and year out. Do you ever order online? Sometimes you can find exactly what you want with a simple search. I also have a friend that is hard to fit. She buys close to what she wants, then has it altered to fit. It’s a good investment.


          1. It may take a bit of trial and error, but now that I know which sites have reliably sized and quality made garments, I frequently order online. It’s so common here in Silicon Valley, that I forget that isn’t so in other parts of the world.


          2. It is nice to feel fabrics for sure. I sewed for years, so I have a good sense of the tactile feel of 100% cotton, or 90 % cotton/10% lycra, etc. I can imagine the feeling of silk, bamboo, nylon, rayon and the dreaded polyester. Once you know a few brands and or companies that you like, you’ll be golden. Also, you can usually zoom in on photos, showing you the tightness of the weave. It really helps.


          3. Thanks for these great tips – I have already been looking at an online store called Adini made here in the UK and the style of the clothes are very much me. They are more expensive than my usual budget but one or two items won’t break the bank!


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