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sEAsons…time for changes

Snow view


Bench in the snow

Old door

Kitchen door

And it snowed.
But how beautiful was the view from my daughter’s new house on the day after Boxing day; it was like someone had been out overnight and sprinkled a sifting of icing sugar over the moors.  
At the point when I took these pictures just after lunch it was bitterly cold with a biting wind and icy pathways and the temperature was only just reaching minus one.  Packing the car to come home took quite some time but eventually we were on our way, sad to leave.
So how was your Christmas – did Santa bring you everything you had wished for?
I had a few surprises, nice ones of course.  With my new Country Living subscription from OH came a free box of Hotel Chocolates with a festive theme.  These will be on hand when I can settle down to reading my two new books also from OH –
Nigel Slater’s The Christmas Chronicles  – beautiful photographs and his style a sheer joy to read and
‘Winter’ an anthology for the changing seasons edited by Melissa Harrison.  It is one of a series full of delightful prose and poetry.
I cannot decide which book I should read first or which chocolate I should eat first.

Hotel Chocolates

Christmas Presents

Little L was delighted with her singing Ice Cream Cart from Santa and kept us fully supplied with ice cream cones topped with cherry or chocolate sauce and sprinkles.  What a shame it was only pretend – though our calorie intake, had they been real, would have been enormous.  
I must say I am tempted to put this on my list for next year!

Christmas Presents

We are home again now and today has been a gentle day of doing a bit of this and that.
I like to get the house back in order, but slowly, nothing too hurried or frantic.
I cleared out the fridge of anything past it’s usability (which thankfully was not very much), put in a load of linens and towels to wash (and they have been out on the line in the sun), and cleared up a few messy areas.
After all the mad days of Christmas preparations it was nice to be able to sit and relax and when I do this my mind wanders off to thinking of what I might do in the coming year.
I already know in my mind that 2018 will be a year of changes.  I am not, at this point in time,  altogether sure what they will be but I know I feel like a change in many aspects of my life.
Recently I have been reading a book I can recommend called ‘Small move, big change’ by Caroline I. Arnold.  It claims to transform your life – well maybe it will and maybe it won’t but I like the content and the way she uses something called micro resolutions to do this.  
As I was reading certain chapters I could really identify with the examples she was giving as if she had a secret access to my own life in places and throwing a spotlight on it.  It did make me smile at times as I realised that when you see things written down it allows you to identify with some of the mad things we do and then wonder why we acquire bad habits that keep us stuck or from where we want to be.  And those very habits we have spent a lifetime nurturing can be working against us and are so hard to break.
I have been reading another book with similar ideas about making changes.  It  caught my eye in the library as I glanced along the shelves and I borrowed it mainly out of curiosity because of the strange title – Hell Week by Erik Bertrand Larssen.  I am a fan of all things Scandinavian so knowing that this author is Norwegian only increased that curiosity.
Keeping this summary short the title is a bit of a clue to the content and I can tell you that adopting this method of changing your habits in only one week is the complete opposite of the methods used in the previous book and certainly not for the faint-hearted or wimps like me!  For instance I know that I will not be getting up at 5am everyday to take part in Hell Week – but I would pledge to aim for a more civilised 6.30am – but this might be totally missing the point of this book as it is meant to be gruelling like the special services survival training it is based on.
Like any book it can instigate thoughts and there is always something you can take from a book that you didn’t have or know before.  That is the power and wonder of the written word.
As it seems that I have been drawn towards these books on making changes, and I am in the mood for change, then I will set out on a new journey and see where it takes me.  
I am quite excited.



21 thoughts on “sEAsons…time for changes”

    1. Hi Freda. It was such a good photo opportunity where my younger daughter lives in North Yorkshire and especially in her new house. I would have done more if it had not been so bitterly cold – my hands were freezing!
      I just love a New Year – all those possibilities we don’t yet know about and the excitement of what might be about to happen.


  1. popping over from freda’s blog. you are the second person to mention the Nigel slater book. I’ve got to check it out…always looking for a good read. it’s minus 6 today in western Pennsylvania, usa. brrrrrr! I’ll have a vanilla cone with chocolate sprinkles…hold the calories.


    1. Ha Ha to the cone – it is a tempting job though – stress free by the look of it – unless you are faced with a long queue and melting ice cream! Minus 6 wow and I thought being out in the minus one was cold. Nigel Slaters book for me is like a trip down memory lane – his writing evokes memories from my youth – they are not exactly the same but in the same way they have a feel good factor.


  2. It sounds like a lovely Christmas. I’m so happy you could spend time with your daughter and your granddaughter. Your reading material sounds intriguing. I’m glad you feel a sense of change. That can be exciting. We had a quiet morning at home with our boys, then we went to a movie in the afternoon, back home for dinner. We’re still coughing up a storm, but slowly, slowly, the energy returns.

    Happy new year!


  3. I feel the same way about 2018. Although I made a few changes last year, I think there’s definitely room for a few more. I just need to work out what they are going to be. Happy New Year.


    1. I think that is the wonderful thing about blogging we can inspire each other and some posts can be quite thought provoking as well as informative.
      Happy New Year to you and your family – hope you had a good rest here in Yorkshire.


  4. Thanks for the book suggestion, I’m going to buy it for my kindle today. I have been reading and listening to Gretchen Rubin a lot recently, so the idea of micro-resolutions is very appealing.

    I don’t tend to make resolutions but this year I’m doing things differently and have an 18 for 2018 list, very excited.


    1. That sounds like a good idea the 18 list – I think my changes might be more in the region of 2018 – like the hilarious book The To Do List by Mike Gayle who had a list of 1277 items!
      Seriously though 18 is quite a nice round number and puts a limit on them. The book is divided into chapters that go into more details in different life areas such as diet, sleep etc. I notice you didn’t go for the one named Hell Week Ha Ha!
      Happy New Year – I look forward to hearing about your different resolutions.


      1. I read a few reviews of the Hell Week book and it just didn’t appeal. I’m awake by 5 and go to bed at 10 anyway so that wouldn’t be too hellish!

        As well as rebelling against what I’m told to do (even by myself) I can’t see the lasting benefit for me, I’d always have the end in mind, rather than the habit so it would just be going through the motions. I’d be really interested to hear success stories though.


        1. Yep Hell Week lives up to its title but there are some interesting concepts that I will make a note of. As with any book some appeal and some don’t – luckily we are not all the same. I am interested to try new methods and ideas I think I always have room for improvement in my life!


  5. Almost time to wish you a happy New Year – sounds as if you’re going to be quite busy – again! Hope you’re well and sending all best wishes for 2018.x


  6. Appreciate the book suggestions. Happy you had a good Christmas and in the midst of such beautiful scenery. Laughing at the ice cream cart. My 2 year old granddaughter has a similar toy, but hers is just little box with a cone, a three (magnetic) scoops of different colour ‘ice cream’. Absolutely one of her favorite toys (and she literally has hundreds of things to choose from). She would go mad for the cart!


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