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sEAsons…autumn changes

I have just reset all our clocks today and this is quite significant as it tells me Autumn is well underway.   I always think of this as the ‘cosy’ season – staying indoors with mugs of hot chocolate and buttered toast – nights drawing in so lots of flickering candlelight from early evening – coming home and getting toasty warm by the fire with plenty of throws and blankets to hand – stews and casseroles with herby dumplings bobbing up and down – the wonderful smell of baked puddings – time to slow down and read and reflect and ponder – who doesn’t like Autumn!

In the last few days I have been rearranging a few bits and pieces around my home – switching beach pebbles and shells for conkers and tiny pumpkins to reflect the change of season albeit quite well into the season now.  I have also bought one or two new items whilst out and about this week – some useful and some just decorative even though I am decluttering sometimes you just feel like a change and the items I bought were quite modest in price.

I was tempted in Home Sense to purchase this long ceramic display tray (£6.99) it seemed a reasonable price and quite versatile.   I also treated myself to a tiny bunch of orange sweetheart roses in Sainsburys (£4) just enough to add a bit of colour indoors and cheer me up after having a hard week of medical appointments interspersed with work!  The square candle, decorated with tiny leaves pressed into the wax, was a gift from my daughter from her trip to Greece and the conkers and other nature bits are from my store cupboard and put all together I have a nice little nature table.

Autumn decor

I have had the hand embroidered cushion for a couple of years, bought in a sale at Sainsbury’s, but I have never used it in the living room before and I think the Autumn colours blend in quite well.  I filled my large glass bowl with Honesty leaves, left over from making the confetti at my younger daughters wedding a few years ago, and a smaller glass vase with conkers and tiny pumpkins.   I love all the rich, warm colours and different textures at this time of year and what a difference a few changes makes to the feel of a place.


Autumn decor

Once all the candles are lit the living room should feel transformed into a relaxing cosy place to spend the evening.

Tea towels

And the useful purchases I mentioned – I bought two packs of these tea towels (£4.99) for three from Home Sense – they are just what I have been looking for, a good size and not too stiff or thick and a plain colour with the old-fashioned linen stripe, all my usual ones have worn thin now and are being down graded to the cleaning cloths bin.

Have a good week everyone x



14 thoughts on “sEAsons…autumn changes”

  1. Like you I’m in the process of decluttering, but sometimes it’s good to change things out and upgrade bits and pieces going forward. Your displays look lovely.


  2. What a lovely post, very cosy feeling indeed. I really like your new tray and the bowl of honesty, so simple and pretty.

    I have no idea where I’ve put all my autumn bits and bobs so we’ll just have to go without this time round,


    1. I usually don’t have time to do this it is usually the Christmas decorations and a few bits in the summer but it has been quite a nice exercise for a change, I am amazed how different the room looks with just s few Autumn bits and pieces.


    1. I can’t say we have had a horrible heat here in England but we had plenty of nice summer days the memories of which are fading fast now that the days are cooler. At least the rain has stopped for a while – thankfully we haven’t had the range of destructive weather that you have been experiencing over there.


      1. I’m happy to hear you had many enjoyable summer days. And as with the cycle of life, they’ll be around again before you know it. I know you experienced terrible floods a few years ago, so you remember the trauma. We used to say that Californians worried about earthquakes. Wildfires are now the thing we fear each season.


  3. You are so talented in bringing things together! We had a cold snap here yesterday and I did feel like staying home and reading in bed! I know it won’t last long and the heat will return. Unlike most Aussies who profess their love for hot weather, I prefer cooler temps.

    I’d never heard of honesty leaves. Just looked up and I can buy seeds here. I wonder if they’d work in Sydney temps!


    1. The honesty made wonderful confetti mixed with bright orange Monbretia petals. As students we often had a lazy day in bed reading and snoozing – now I feel guilty like I am running out of lifetime and I need to pack in every moment just in case I don’t have many years left!!

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