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the best things come in small packages…

I have quite a few birthdays in October – all friends –  and we give each other gifts that are modest in price about £5 to £8.  I usually find bits and pieces in some of the gift shops in Scotland and buy them as I see them and stash them away.

On Sunday I had a mammoth wrapping session it felt a bit like Christmas.  I like to make my modest gifts look tempting and I wrap them with care taking time to choose the paper and ribbons I think appropriate.  I often use printed tissue paper for those awkward shaped items.

I have one of those paper punch shape cutters that produces a tiny label.  I decorate these in different ways in this picture I have used some little rubber stamp pictures.  I also cut up cards for labels as it is such a shame to throw old birthday cards away.

I found the coffee coloured spotty paper in Sainsbury’s it comes on a roll and is good to keep on hand as it is useful for any occasion.


Here they are all ready to go with the appropriate cards.

It always feels good to have things organised and I feel quite pleased with myself that this month at least I won’t have to think about rushing around getting gifts and cards sorted out at the last minute.  Oh… if all my life was like this!

6 thoughts on “the best things come in small packages…”

    1. I have all Octobers sorted so will be looking to do those for November soon. I am also trying to use up a few gift bags that are good enough to recycle then I will have a few less to store. Some people I find are easier to buy for than others and sometimes I see the perfect gift but it is way outside my budget equally I often find gifts that are the right price but you are not getting a lot for your money so it can get a bit tricky just getting it right. I like it when I find a good bargain something that is in a sale!


  1. Very sweet. And it is great to be organised, even if only over a small part of our lives.

    I love giving a nicely wrapped present. I collect ribbons and have bought too much wrapping paper! My mother is a great wrapper – so creative in her embellishments.


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