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quick update…

Just an update before I have a little enforced blog break – I have the week off work and I really feel I need a bit of a rest though I suspect the garden at our cottage will keep us busy.  As you know we have no internet connection at the cottage unless we can find a Wi-fi spot in a nearby cafe!

It is always a bit fraught at work getting through enough tasks to feel everything is in hand until I return.  I finished late last night making sure any urgent tasks had been taken care of, then cleared off my desk, switched my Out of Office on and picked up my wage slip (just happens to be payday too).

Then headed off to Sainsbury’s – grabbed a hot chocolate and a nice but naughty Egg custard to keep me fuelled until supper time then raced round the store to get a few groceries and a bottle of Whisky (this is for my friend’s birthday not me).  Unfortunately we will miss the party celebrations at the weekend but I do need this holiday.  As luck would have it when I paid at the checkout I was handed a petrol coupon for double Nectar points which will help with the petrol costs on holiday.

On the way past the beauty and toiletries aisles I checked to see if the hair dryer I had my eye on was on offer – I was quite alarmed to find it had actually gone up by £10!  Inflation is it seems is running a bit high.  Will buy it from John Lewis or Argos at £15 less.

Have a good week and will catch up with everyone on my return.


6 thoughts on “quick update…”

  1. Have a lovely week off from work, and a blogging break, too. We all need to rest every now and again, and even more so if you go out to work.
    How sickening that the price of the hairdryer went up and not down! C’est la vie!
    Margaret P


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