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my love affair with clipping…

Thank you for the lovely comments on my last post with a few helpful suggestions which are noted about dealing with my affliction addiction.

I have been trying to think why I like my clippings so much – I suppose they are like my best friends, a bit like my Journals, they are a visual representation of who I am and what I like or aspire to just like my Journals are a written record of my life – I don’t think I could ever be paperless as much as I might want to be to save the environment.

It would be my one minimalist stumbling block.  I think I am beyond help.

Another reason is I hate waste and I would only buy a magazine if there are features that catch my eye or an article or two I might want to read.  The only regular magazine I have is by a subscription to Country Living magazine (a regular Christmas present from my OH) and I am trying hard to economise and avoid buying additional magazines as I feel bad that I have to eventually throw them away and that feels like a waste of money.  With the cost of a magazine these days I find it can be more costs effective to buy a cheap book in the Works to satisfy a sudden urge I might have.

My clipping habit started years ago when still a teenager with my 60’s Petticoat magazine.  I would tear out pictures of the latest fashion I liked and articles on beauty routines.  This then continued as a  fashion student at art college always tearing out bits and pieces that would generate future ideas.  Then when we bought our first house I bought magazines for decorating and gardening features.

One idea from Alys at Gardening Nirvana is to use Pinterest to cut down the amount of clippings.  Good tip Alys –  I do use Pinterest as well to capture interesting bits and pieces and  I agree it is a good way to keep ideas and not have to provide the storage room that clippings demand I should use it more perhaps and buy less magazines in future.

But I am definitely an old-fashioned paper girl too – I don’t have a Kindle because I like to hold a book in my hands – there is something very tactile about the feel of books like the feel of cloth.


Once a week I love nothing better than to browse the lengthy magazine aisle in Sainsbury’s before I start the weekly shop and this is where I might be tempted to select something that appeals.  It might be anything from Top Sante to Self Build, Coast to English Garden or even our local magazine called Down your Way with memorable and humorous stories of people’s lives in Yorkshire in past decades.

So when I have a pile of magazines that I have read I go through and first of all pull out the recipes, then any gardening features that I want to keep – (in Coast magazine they are useful because they feature other people’s seaside gardens), then I might tear out any decorating ideas for future reference it might be anything from a cushion to a paint colour or furniture.  On the way through I might see something for my craft folder or save an article on improving my diet and health.   After this I clip snippets of information on new products like supplements or face creams that have been tried and tested.  From the Woman’s Weekly my mum passes on I save those crossword puzzles at the back to do at the cottage as we do not have ready-made entertainment like a TV!

Finally, after all that clipping I tear off the very front or back cover on a glossy magazine and I use these to punch out multi coloured butterflies and flower shapes to make my recycled paper cards.

Tania at Frugal in Essex mentions that she uses her smart phone so I will take this on board Tania though I will have to find mine first.  I will do anything on a computer – at work I train colleagues on our softwear programs and am called on to solve a range of technical issues but phones and me have yet to gel in the same way.

Lyn at Everyday Life – sounds like we are on the same page as far as magazines and cuttings – next time you have a throw out throw them my way.

11 thoughts on “my love affair with clipping…”

  1. It won’t address your love of clipping out inspiration, but could you borrow magazines from your library? Well, as you can’t cut out of the borrowed ones, it might help. Or might make it worse – tempting you to buy a magazine if you seen something you like.

    My mother used to be a big magazine buyer. Now she buys old country living style ones from op shops. Ladies donate them by the pile. Again not helpful in stopping clipping.

    Maybe lovely file boxes so the collection is ordered and beautiful?


  2. I get gardeners world each month on a two year special deal, stopped buying others as they are too expensive, other than this week whilst I’m away on holiday. I love pintest for saving ideas and have loads of boards.


  3. hello! I’ve got a bit of a clipping habit, in fact, just been doing that very thing this morning so I can get rid of a few mags (Landscape, Good Food, Country Living, The Simple Things). I completely understand your love of it, and, the love of buying magazines. I stopped subscribing to Country Living and The English Home, because it was just getting ridiculous. I’d let them stack up unread and then feel almost overwhelmed from not reading them before the next one arrived. Now I just buy them when I see a cover that I like, because I’m shallow like that!

    Loved seeing the rolled ice cream, I have a feeling that’s going to be the next ‘big thing’ in ice cream over here.

    Enjoying your blog, thanks for leaving comments so I was able to find you!


    1. Hi Sadie – welcome to my blog world. I used to buy Country Homes too but settled just on Country Living and just buy the Coastal issue of Country Homes now – usually coincides with my holiday so that makes it all right! We didn’t have time to wait for one of the rolled ice creams so I hope I see them again so I can test one.


  4. My Christmas present from DD is 25 Beautiful Homes magazine. I save the copies for 3 years and each month I’m able to read 3 magazines – this year, last year and the year before. Only then does the year before that get recycled to the Charity Shop. So – no clipping out, just re-reading.


    1. I used to keep the previous years Country Living and then when I got the new one I clipped the old one. Not quite what you meant is it! You see I just can’t help myself I always see something of interest that I think I might need to refer to. Even my hairdresser is used to me asking if I can tear a page out of hers when I see a recipe or some vital information!! She always tells me just to take the whole magazine.


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