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before and after a guided tour…

Remember Dolly and Ted – they have had their baths and are now clean and presentable and ready to invite you to have a peep around their new home…

This room was our younger daughter’s bedroom, part of the extension we had built above the garage in 1997, and pine was fashionable back then together with red check fabric and stencilled walls.   So this is a guided tour of the before and after.

I made the curtains from a duvet cover to get the look she wanted – notice how they had faded over time.  After she left home it became a bit of a dumping ground and a handy place to dry the washing.

We even had a settee in here for a while waiting to transport it up to the cottage.   I can’t believe it got this messy – I took this picture after Christmas one year – I obviously didn’t know where to put all the new presents!

                       Before we started we had a good clear out and now…

…it is light and bright – the walls are a soft grey called Amonite by Farrow and Ball and the woodwork All White Eggshell.

I decided not to put curtains back as I love the simplicity of the window and chose a plain white roller blind.  Little L, my granddaughter, will eventually be using this room so I wanted it to be inviting for a little girl to sleep in so there are a few toys about…

The new fitted wardrobes are from the PAX range at IKEA they are the 30cm deep ones with plain white shaker style doors and we added the white-painted wooden handles which OH lovingly made!

There is enough hanging space and drawer room for a few clothes when little L comes to stay

and the double side of the wardrobe is my new linen cupboard…

and I have designated one of the drawers for my fabrics and sewing projects…

The corner had an overburdened bookcase and became another dumping ground…

but has been pared down considerably to make this reading corner with a new smaller, lower bookcase and a couple of narrow picture shelves that display some of the most cherished books…

Remember the pine ‘samba’ style staircase that some bloggers told me they rather liked…

Nineties stenciling

– it leads to the mezzanine sleeping platform above…

well yes we did paint it and no I don’t regret it…

The carpet is a little too creamy now but we have laid it back down until we finish the other rooms after which we will buy all the same colour throughout the house.

Upstairs on the mezzanine –  the Lloyd loom bedside cabinet belonged to my mum-in-law, a definite keeper and so the colours had to work around this.

We decided not to paint the pine bed for the time being as you cannot really see the pine colour until up close.  OH made this bed in our first house in 1979 so it does not owe us anything only a new mattress which we will try to find in the sales.

The quilt cover is from Next it ties in the blue of the cabinet and the blue snuggly throw I found in IKEA for only £4.

I am pleased with the way this room has turned out the soft grey has proved to be better than paining the room all white and in some lights actually can look white.  It may not be to everyone’s taste but I love the clean spacious look – it is not too minimalist but I have been careful not to overfill the room.

So two rooms finished now, we finished the family bathroom a while ago, and only four more rooms to go upstairs.

Next on the list is the middle bedroom once the residence of my older daughter.  This will become our main guest room and will be mainly used by my mum when she comes down to stay.  At the moment we have a single bed in there but will change this for a double.  There is a considerable amount of decluttering to do in here too but having already started to rid ourselves of any excess I am quite enjoying all the new space.

Have a good weekend x


25 thoughts on “before and after a guided tour…”

  1. That looks wonderful I love the grey walls and the way you have made it so inviting for L. Spare bedrooms can so easily become a dumping ground. It’s amazing how fashion changes we had the that stencil and the pine furniture too! Sarah x


  2. I was one of the people who commented saying that I liked the pine stairs as they were.
    I have to confess that I think you were right to paint them ,they look lovely. Perhaps it’s my experience of boys that made me cautious, I was the only female in a family of five!
    The whole room looks beautiful, calm and inviting. Looking forward to seeing your next project. Sue


    1. I did hesitate in painting the staircase – in fact we painted everything else first before finally making the no going back decision. We have put numerous coats on so hope it does wear well – though it won’t get a lot of traffic up and down.


  3. Wow, you did an amazing job! It is no surprise to me that you have good design and colour sense 🙂 I love how you incorporated some meaningful treasures, kept simple lines, and made everything look bright and appealing. You were right to do the stairs! Looks perfect with the grey walls. I am impressed.


  4. I love, love, love what you’ve done with this space. It has beautiful “bones” as the designers like to say, and with the refreshed colors and trim and newly acquired cabinets it looks magazine-worthy. Your granddaughter will surely fall in love with this room and will want to visit often (to see you of course, but to spend time in this pretty space). This makes me want to remodel a room myself, but alas, I have at least another year before my youngest leaves for college. Well done you!


      1. I can appreciate that. What’s great is you’ll always have photos *and* a blog story to preserve the memory. And your daughter’s daughter will now make memories in the same space. I think that’s delightful.


  5. PS You’ll surely think I’m a sentimental fool, but seeing that little stack of cups almost made me weep. I had a stack long before having my own children, for friends who would visit, and I remember stacking them with my own boys, now 17 and 20. Sigh


  6. Ooh it all looks so nice and fresh. You did a superb job. Little L is definitely going to love it. My sewing room has one wall painted in a pale grey and I really like it.


  7. Yes, ditto everyone else’s comments. Absolutely beautiful. Right decision with the stairs and all the colour choices. I love how you have laid out all the few precious things and books. I think it is not only welcoming for your granddaughter but would be a lovely space to sit and read or take a nap yourself.

    I need to come here and do my home!


    1. It is Ikea and we found it in the childrens department after looking for 2 hours at the Billy and KALLAX bookcase section looking at how we could cut one of them down! Then on the way to the restaurant we saw just what we wanted It is called STUVA – £20 for the basic frame then you add a shelf which I think was £5.


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