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weekend plans…

By the time you read this on Friday morning I will be on the train North to Yarm where I will be spending the weekend with my mum – OH will drive up and join us on Saturday but Friday is just mum and me time.  Also joining us on Saturday for the rest of the weekend (which wasn’t part of the original plan but childcare was urgently needed) is baby L my granddaughter – no longer a baby and soon to be three.  How time flies!

I will have an almost three-year old and a 91-year-old to entertain – I think perhaps a day in nearby Saltburn by the sea will satisfy both age groups – the Cliff lifts, the little train, the park, the pier, the donkeys and a stroll around the lovely little town centre – oh and two vegetarian cafes.  I am just hoping we have good weather.



Have a great weekend x


9 thoughts on “weekend plans…”

  1. Oh Yarm is so pretty! If this lurgy has left our bodies by tomorrow we’ll be heading over to Saltburn too, we want to visit MIMA and always take the time to visit the seaside while we’re there.
    Have a great weekend.


  2. I sometimes drive over to Yarm – it is a delightful little town and of course Saltburn is not far away.
    As I live in the Yorkshire Dales I can drive to Yarm through really pleasant countryside with not a town in sight – these days I am reaally not a town driver any more. Thanks for calling in and chatting.


    1. Hello Pat – I daresay we may have passed each other without knowing at some time. My Mum is in Eaglescliffe, my sister in East Cowton and my daughter in Fearby and I love going up to visit any or all of them and yes we can usually get to all of them via counrty roads too. Yarm is getting quite busy over the last few years – we can never park easily.


  3. For all the years I lived in York I never visited this part of the country – must put that right some day! Your grandaughter is very sweet.


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