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the end of another day…

What a lovely day today after all the rain we have had recently.  My peonies are blooming at last and the garden is looking more colourful again now with the summer flowers appearing – there has been a bit of a gap lately between the spring flowers fading and the summer ones coming out.

I decided not to work tomorrow – Thursday is a bit of a flexi day at the moment until I can cut it out all together and leave my new team to get on with it by themselves, but presently they still need my input to keep on top of the workload with year-end now only 2 weeks away and the promise of reaching a higher target than last year and therefore a higher bonus is well in reach.

So I have opted to go in on Saturday instead – mainly because I want to make the best of the good weather and perhaps have a couple of hours in the garden tomorrow and to be honest I feel like I have exhausted myself this week and that I would be dragging myself in to work if I went in.  I will get twice as much work done with no one about on Saturday – there will be no interruptions and my brain will concentrate more in the quiet.

On the home front what can I say but the new fascia boards and soffits look very new  – but also quite streamlined – we have a fairly modern house only 30 years old – so it has improved the appearance to get rid of the rotting wooden barge boards.  We have had the ridge tiles re-pointed and an outlet put in the roof for the fan that removes the steam from the newly refurbished bathroom so now I can have a bath at long last – I am looking forward to that.

Next week it is the turn of the window people who will come and renew the double glazing units in the older of the windows we have – then the builder will return to do the re-pointing.  Meanwhile the indoor decorating continues alongside with hubby putting primer on the staircase in the bedroom – no going back now!

After work I did the weekly shop at Sainsbury’s.  Even I was shocked at the amount at the checkout – prices are certainly rising and unfortunately I have been so short of time to sit and write menus or look for bargains.

I bought a can of Brasso to clean up some copper rings I found in the shed and the little brass mister spray.  I should have known better and perhaps have waited to look in Wilkos or even a pound shop for a cheaper can but I have not really had a lunch hour this week to pop to the shops and I didn’t want an extra trip into town on my days off or to pay for parking –  that would defeat the object of getting a bargain!

When I finally got home and was fed and watered I rang my mum who lives up in North Yorkshire.  Unusually she was not in and I could not think where she might be – so how handy is Facebook – I put out a message ‘Has anyone seen Grandma?’ and within minutes I had a message back from my niece to say she was out shopping with them!

Tonight I have had a little catch up in blogland, relaxing with my cup of cocoa and pondering on the world.  Waking up today to the news of the latest tragedy of the London fire was shocking and has been uppermost in most people’s thoughts and conversations, another sad loss of life but even more stories emerging of people of all race, colour and creed pulling together and helping one another with offers of accomodation and donations of food, clothes and money  – such a staggering amount collected in such a short time.

Well enough of my witterings…bedtime beckons.


8 thoughts on “the end of another day…”

  1. You’re really cracking on with work on the house, how exciting.
    We currently have upvc boards on our house, we know they would be more work but we would love to replace them with wood. I don’t think it will ever happen though as there is so much work to be done, it’s at the bottom of an exceptionally long list. Happily we are in a position to have the work done on the bathroom soon, I just have to start making some decisions about it.


    1. We quite liked the wood and still opted for wooden windows but in the end made the difficult decision to go with plastic boards – both for the maintenance aspect and because this is the house we will be selling and leaving eventually so thought the plastic will appeal to most people given that we are the only house in the area that has not had its boards redone in plastic up to now!


  2. Your renos are coming along nicely! Rom and I are laughing at the roofers on our street – we had our roof re-shingled recently (everyone uses asphalt shingles here, not tiles). The company we booked sent a team who did the job in one day. Two of the other houses on the block used a company that sent only 2 guys and they have spent 2-3 weeks doing each roof. We hope they got an excellent price! So, so sad about the Grenfell fire.


    1. I am always nervous hiring a new contractor – we would be the ones with the slow guys!
      Yet another disaster and more hard questions to be asked in our parliament – I know how it felt when we lost everything in our flood but this is beyond words – to loose everything and not know where your family members are or to see them perish and not be able to help them is incomprehensible. So many people are already rallying round to volunteer their help.


  3. Sounds like you’re making excellent progress! The bathroom is next for us too. I can’t say I am looking forward to the upheaval, but it will make such a difference when it’s done.


  4. I have missed so many of your post Vivien! I have so much catching up to do in blogland. I need to look over your decluttering posts as I need to do the same. I am changing my cleaning products over to the method brand as I find them pleasing to the eye and environmentally friendly too. The news stories this year have been overwhelmingly tragic. Sometimes just the simple process of sorting out the home and having a tidy up can be amazingly cathartic. x


    1. Hi Simone so good to hear from you – I see you are still surviving the new job – not quite so new now! Have missed you and love to see your new posts pop up in my reader. I like the Method brand too we have the shower cleaner spray – it really works. It must be difficult living in London right now with one tragedy after another. keep safe. Viv x


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