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declutter day 4…

The last four days have been quite a marathon and I am sitting here feeling quite exhausted thinking that somehow I will have to drag myself to work tomorrow and iron something to wear before going to bed.

OH will be in charge of dismantling the shed – yes at last it is empty and the contents re-homed one way or another.  We have little stacks of pots tucked in behind borders and under seats.  The plant foods are still in a container on the kitchen table waiting the first available space somewhere in the garage and the garden tools which I have cleaned and oiled have been transferred to a new rack of hooks on the garage wall.

We decided to go to town and buy the plastic boxes just to get the job off the list – these are now full of all the decluttered stuff that was in the cardboard boxes but at least now you can see at a glance what is inside.

I am quite pleased with our progress but as always I am concerned that we have accumulated so much stuff over the years and at what cost.  When I try to analyse it I can put each item into one of the following categories:

  • we have bought an item because at the time we needed one for some reason and either we still use it making it a very worthwhile purchase or we don’t use it making it a unecessary wasteful purchase.
  • we bought an item because we had to fix or maintain another item although we only needed a small amount or a part we could only buy the item packaged in a large amount or many parts thus producing waste that we have then stored as it seemed even more wasteful to throw it away – screws and the like fall into this category.
  • we didn’t buy the item but acquired it as a present or passed on from a family member (we have lots of these).
  • we liked the item when we bought it but our tastes have changed and it no longer appeals or the more modern versions are so much better
  • we bought a new item to replace an old one but then kept the old item as well (I did this with my iron but guess what – my newer one stopped working recently so boy was I glad that I had hung on to the old one just in case!)
  • we bought an item ready for some job we had planned to do – (an example of this would be the packs of additional parquee flooring for the kitchen / dining room but have since changed our minds -we even bought the tub of adhesive too!)

Whichever category the items fall in to it all makes for an awful lot of stuff.

My plan now is to go over the stuff once again as I find once I have reduced a pile I can often find more things to go out if I revisit it all again.

Once everything that is destined for the charity shop has gone we can make a start on the  boxful of items waiting mending and fixing – I am looking forward to this at it will make them usable again and out of storage.

Have a good week x


13 thoughts on “declutter day 4…”

  1. You have definitely made the most of your rainy days! My husband went through our small shed last weekend. Like you, he found a lot of bits and pieces of things we used to use in the garden but have since replaced with something more functional.
    I need to get to the cleansers and such u see the kitchen sink soon.


  2. Congratulations on your decluttering program. Impressive! We’ve experienced similar reasons for accumulating extras in our household. Impulse buys do us in too. Well, one of us anyway. I’m usually the one saying, No! Where the heck will that go?” 😱. Good luck going forward.


  3. That is a very insightful list of reasons for accumulating stuff in the shed! I especially hate having to buy multiples of something when I need only one. My brother does a lot of DIY and he just moved to a new house closer to me so I am betting he will take some of my stuff and put it to use!


    1. The DIY stores are notorious for selling things in quantities that you do not need. I know someone (with slight OCD) that will throw away what he does not use from a packet once he has used all he needs – he has no storage problems but what does this do for the environment to have brand new items going from shop to land refill -that fills me with horror. I think each village / town should have a drop in centre for oddments so people can swap such items. In the old hardware shops over here you could buy one plug or one nut and bolt but this does not appeal to the greedy conglomerates. I am pleased your brother will be able to make use of your leftovers.


      1. I think a swap site for all those odds and ends is a brilliant idea. If you think of how many multiples are in each street. Everyone in my street has a lawn mower, most also have whipper snippers and edgers of various designs and then you add all the little things – screws, nails, glue etc. such a waste.


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