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declutter day 3…

As is often the case when having a clear out one thing leads to another.  This morning I began tying up a few loose ends from my shed clearance  yesterday and then as it continues to rain moved my attentions to the garage so we can make some room to accommodate the excess shed fall out.

I started in the large cupboard  – one of the best value items in our house – bought from Ikea for my Gran in 1990 for around £55 and when we cleared out her council flat a couple of years later we thought it too good to leave.  We now make good use of it by keeping our household cleaners / cloths / shoe cleaning / adhesives / car cleaning and other similar items in here.

This is the picture before…

I took out items shelf by shelf, cleaned the shelf then put back the things we still need.

A few items had been put in the wrong place (not usually by me I might add) and one or two of the glues had gone hard (lids not secured) but generally the cupboard just needed a good clean and tidy – not a lot to get rid of in here but I may be able to make room to squeeze in some of the homeless garden products.

I must say when it comes to decluttering items in places like this I can honestly say that a can of grease or a tin of shoe polish hardly sparks the Kondo joy in me – more of a necessity I think than an item of beauty!

Most of our items are kept together in these Muji tubs – one of the best investments I have ever made.  I keep like things together such as the shoe cleaning kit, the oils and lubricants, cleaning cloths, adhesives tapes, bin bags and various cleaners and I can label them clearly so that even my better half can find what he is looking for quickly (this being the operative word!)

I store all those numerous household cleaners in this cupboard that are used infrequently, such as carpet cleaner (for spills), oven cleaner, leather cleaner, and the ‘you name it I probably have it’ cleaner.  The every day cleaners are kept to hand in the cupboard space under my kitchen sink.

I also store the large packets of washing powder I buy when on offer on the bottom shelf and then decant into smaller containers to keep near to where they are used.

These reused Vanish tubs are also useful for storing cleaning powders and brillo pads.


and after…

Ahh that’s neater…

Part way through the cupboard clear out OH appeared and so I asked him (not only to put the kettle on) but to look through all the things in other parts of the garage that I can’t make decisions on.

We always seem to have unidentifiable bits and pieces lying around so he has now (for a quiet life) gathered up and sorted through his piles of computer cables, plumbing bits and the like and grouped them together.

We now have a nice little pile for the charity shop, a big bag of rubbish and those bits and pieces have been identified, labelled and a place found for them.

All I need to do now to finish todays clear out is relabel some of the Muji containers then buy 2 or 3 larger plastic see through storage boxes with lids to replace the worn cardboard ones to store those electrical and plumbing parts and endless computer cables (even though when we need to connect something we never have quite the right one).

There are a few repair jobs and one or two of those getting round to it jobs for OH to do and looking at the mass of outdoor candles, incense sticks, lanterns and fairy lights left over from the wedding last year, not to mention a few miles of bunting, I feel we need to organise a summer garden party to make use of them. That is if we have any more summer to come!

There is still a way to go but already I can see the difference.  My kitchen in the meantime looks far worse as everything is being stored in here until I can find them a new home.






13 thoughts on “declutter day 3…”

    1. My dear mum always pushes things into cupboards and drawers so the house looks tidy in case of visitors, whereas I grew up hating the messy drawers and cupboards and try to keep them neat – but when time is short like anyone else they do end up in a mess usually because we have bought more stuff and there is no spare room. I love my labeller – my friends think it is a huge joke that everything in our house is labelled but then OH does not have much of a problem finding things!


  1. It looks very tidy. I love the decluttering and then the tidying and then the outcome. Are those Muji containers available in the US? I like the look of them. I love Ikea units. We have 2 for clothes as this small house we’re in doesn’t really have closets, just one.


    1. Hi there Chris – lovely to hear from you – I had a very quick peak at your blog and will be back soon for a more in depth read to get to know you better. I see we have a few things in common – not only have we both experienced the effects of living with cancer but it seems we have a desire to simplify our lives. Your garden looks incredible so I am also assuming you have a passion for gardening? I think you will be able to get the Muji containers over there they are pretty standard. I noticed your Ikea chairs – we used to have one of those but sadly it had to go when we changed our sofa as we couldn’t fit both in – it was extremely comfortable though and now they make them a bit smaller than the old ones.


  2. You’ve really been having a good clear out. It’s always a good feeling to have things sorted once again and to be rid of the excess that creeps into our lives. I like your new sidebar bio and photo along with your beautiful banner. Nice!


      1. Oh dear. I’m sorry to hear that. I wonder if you took photos of each of the newly organized spaces with your camera phone. That might act as a guide till you get used to the changes.


        1. The only photos on my camera phone at the moment are accidental snaps of my feet as I swipe to answer a call! I am intending having a go at taking photos with my phone though and dragging myself into the modern age!!


          1. You’ll wonder how you ever managed without it. I’ve found it handy for so many things: forwarding a grocery list, remembering what a product looks like when I get to the store (for instance I can never remember the brand of my son’s contact solution). I also snap pics of products to share with clients when I’m out and about and of course , hundreds of kitten shots. 😉


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