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weeding out the rubbish…

I am shocked at the amount of stuff you can fit into a space only 6′ by 4′ and how much of it is rarely, if ever, used.  I think I mentioned yesterday that we are clearing out our shed ready to dismantle it to allow the builder access to the outside walls of the house.

As it was raining yesterday and again today I had to bring some items into the house to sort through them.  This is not all the contents just some of the various feed and weed products.

I found things that I had quite forgotten about or obviously duplicated at some point like the four cartons of lawn food (one of which I bought back in 2014 and recorded here but obviously never got to use), 2 canisters of slug pellets plus an empty one and a variety of weed killers that I aquirred after sorting out my dads old shed many years ago.  I hardly ever have need of weed killers as our garden here in Yorkshire is quite small and I tend to use the natural organic versions anyway but at the time I couldn’t bring myself to throw them away.  My dad had three sheds and a very large garden and had multiples of everything – we hardly have room to grow plants never mind cultivate weeds!

I removed any empty or no longer useful items that could be thrown away and combined those, where on closer inspection, I had two half full containers.

 I worked my way through all the various products then cleaned up the canisters and relabelled them. As I only have a small space to grow seeds I really don’t need any more than the few trays and pots pictured below and the tiny propagating lid.

There was also an assortment of clay pots, plant pot holders and various bits and pieces.

I gave all the keepers a good wash and here they are – for the moment – but this might reduce again as I will probably rethink a few items and decide later if I really do need them or if in true Kondo style they spark joy!

Lastly, I cleaned up my garden caddy – this contains my hand tools, secateurs, snippers, a small canister of Fish, blood and bone meal to use when planting and Potash of sulphate, a tin of twine, a weed stick and some Gro-sure (this is not my normal choice of plant food so I think I may have bought this as a stop-gap until I was able to buy my usual Seaweed liquid feed).

I came across this little tin in the shed for seeds – I remember buying it together with the twine canister – so I have now put it to use.

When the rain stopped for a while we went outside and sorted through a heap of old plant pots, plant stakes, canes and odd bags of specialised compost and reduced all this down by 50%.  I had a new bag of orchid compost but no longer have an orchid so I will probably mix this in and use it when planting my tubs of annuals.

So now I am waiting for dry weather and I have a list of use up items –

  • Lawn food – we can use this up on the front and back lawns – the liquid feed with moss killer can go up to Scotland for the lawn there.
  • Compost – various mixtures but can be used to pot up my annual tubs.
  • Gro-sure – I will add this to my plants growing in tubs first and then to the borders.
  • A grow your own Xmas Tree pack – will open the pack and add water as per instructions and sit back and see what happens – a tree by Xmas perhaps??
  • Ant powder and granules – we have a bit of an ant problem by the little path so this will be useful.
  • Little clay acorn bird feeder – I will get hubby to put on a new hanging wire and then hang it from the Cherry tree.
  • Roundup – we can use a little of this on the paths to kill those stubborn weeds that I cannot dig out.
  • The out of date bottle of beer – I can put this down for the slugs.

There is still quite a bit more sorting to do and I will need to tackle the garage to make room temporarily for the stuff from the shed but that is another day.

Just one more thing before I go I do apologise for misleading everyone by recently referring here to buying a Gazebo to match one we already had on the sunny side of the garden – I should have said Obelisks of course!

Have a good weekend x





10 thoughts on “weeding out the rubbish…”

    1. I had a good sort out but now need to go back and look at the keeping pile again as I am sure I am still keeping too much. I never know what to do with the used plant pots – the ones you have from the garden centre when you have planted the plant – I have too many to reuse.


  1. Sounds like you’re doing a great job. I went through our garden shed last year and although it is better it is still way too full of stuff. I can see me tackling it again at some point.


    1. I feel quite sad that the stuff I hung onto in the last clear out has still not been used as I have had very little time for growing my own or even looking after what I have planted hence the 4 boxes of lawn food!!


  2. The things in your keeper photo are definitely keepers! Love those little shelves and I have a covered pottery thingy just like yours on the right which keeps bi-carb by the kitchen sink for sink cleaning


    1. Hi Sue – Oh the memories I discovered my shed – I always end up with a hard to let go of pile – keep watching I have even more – such as the rusty old biscuit tin of my mums and the hand made bread crock bought for me by my gran which we haven’t used for years and I found in the shed. The little shelves were made as a spice rack by a friend and it was handy in the shed for keeping the small items in one place.


  3. Oh dear. The last time I completely cleaned out my shed was 4 years ago. I said I would go camping once more before donating all the camping gear. Still haven’t done it. Also have dozens of plant pots including some nice ones for house plants, but can’t keep house plants because the cats get into them. I say I will buy or make some plant hangers to keep them out of reach. So I keep all this stuff which has so many conditions for use!


    1. I am often in exactly the same place – keeping things to modify them or reuse in some way or think that somehow in my idyllic retirement I will have time to use them again. It just all seems a waste of money if I have once bought something and now it lies abandoned yet I love having less stuff to look after and store. Another of my dilemmas!!


  4. It’s amazing how things accumulate in sheds! I have a potting shed where the spiders webs are thick on the bottles and boxes. Thank you for visiting my blog – I shall enjoy looking at your posts too.


    1. Hi Sue C. Our shed was so stuffed only the first foot inside the door was in use – but I am enjoying the clear out and looking forward to getting my new one. I am tempted to get a bigger one but I know I would only fill it in the same way.


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