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…the feeling of being upset or annoyed as a result of being unable to change or achieve something.

What a mixed up day today – I decided not to go into work after all – that might sound as if I have the freedom to choose – but today is a bit of a flexi day as I am trying to cut my hours down to only 3 days a week and doing every other Thursday.  As it is year-end coming up at work I might go in on Saturday instead – I get far more done without the interruptions.

Anyway I am wandering off the point here – the reason for my decision to stay home in the end was the bad start to the day.  I was booked in at my doctors for a blood test this morning to assess my thyroid levels because my own GP has retired and his practice has been taken over by a larger practice of doctors from the next town and the changes are already being felt.

They insisted I should have a blood test as my review date was showing as 2015 – a bit overdue – but this obviously did not bother my previous GP as he always left it to my consultant in Leeds at Jimmy’s to deal with reviewing my dose and checking my blood levels – however, this year they are 6 months behind due to the doctors strikes last year and demand.

So my new doctors were reluctant to issue a prescription without a review blood test – this is fair enough but for the fact that they did not mention at the time that they would not issue my prescription at all until after the results were back –  in fact  I had been told before I went to Scotland that it had been sent to the pharmacy and would be there on my return to pick up.  But of course when I went to pick up my tablets they had not received a prescription and I was left without my medication.

Given that I am totally dependant on my Thyroxin (like a diabetic with insulin) because my Thyroid was removed some years ago and the slightly higher dose of Thyroxin protects me by suppressing any likely cancer cells that may regrow I cannot go for very long without it.  To say I was a little annoyed – well we won’t go there.  However, the doctor rang and apologised and sent my prescription straight away to Sainsbury’s and my cupboard is well stocked once again and I am happy but it took most of the morning and a few phone calls to sort it all out!  Anyway moan over – sometimes changes are a bit frustrating.

Whilst at home for the rest of the day I did an hour on the finances paying the water bill (an estimate again, another frustration)  – checking the bank balances and looking at the general picture which will be another post another day.  Later I went on to the Audible website to use my remaining 9 credits and download nine books.  I am thinking I will cancel the membership rather than renew this month.

I chose quite a mix of books – both fiction and non-fiction – from the snippet they give you to listen to as a sample it is hard to know if you will like the book but you are able to ‘send them back’ so to speak – they just refund the credit to your account and you can choose another.  I have done this with one or two books in the past I found a bit boring or hard going.

After lunch I decided that even though it was throwing it down outside – yet another frustration – I would carry on with clearing out the shed as planned – only instead of being able to take everything out onto the patio I had to bring it inside to sort.  We are having work done on the outside of the house soon and the shed is in the way so it has to be emptied and moved.  When we move it we suspect it will fall to pieces so we will have to go and buy another to replace it – in the meantime I have to declutter.

We will also have to move the compost boxes – it seems this job is fast becoming my hubby’s life’s work having just got the one at the cottage moved again!

Before tea time we jumped in the car and went to Sainsbury’s to do a small shop for necessities and pick up the prescription and on the way home called in to cast our vote – but will my vote change anything?  This election and the whole of Brexit has been as frustrating as my day today – at least tomorrow we will know the result –  will I be happy – maybe – maybe not!

6 thoughts on “frustration…”

    1. Hello Tania Nice to hear from you and likewise I shall be popping over for a further blog catch up on your site – it seems we have some common ground – retirement (where we have been unexpectedly hit with the later state pension age due to the time we were born) – producing for us a need to economise and the major renovations. I shall be following along with great interest. Viv


  1. Depending on your point of view, I’m not sure the election result will ease your frustrations. I’m finding the whole thing rather depressing and am quickly losing any interest in party politics. I’m pleased you got your medication sorted out. I know how frustrating all that thyroid testing can be, as I’ve had several blood test results or samples go missing in the past.


    1. I have managed to take my frustrations out on some decluttering – this always makes me feel better! Glad the elections over but now worried about what is to come in the days ahead – as elections go though it became very exciting to watch and had to make myself turn off and go to bed just after 2am – normally I would just have waitied for the news in the morning. We have gone from Conservative (last nine years) to Labour where I live probably due to the fact that our local hospital in Huddersfield which is huge is under threat of closure and we have alll been campaigning against this to keep the A&E going. Medication now sorted but doctor said she couldn’t promise that I wouldn’t experience more problems getting my prescription later!


  2. Oh crikey, must have been something in the air – even my girls were in a bad mood this week and that’s rare, still hopefully we’re all feeling better again now. I’m too scared to venture into our shed – apart from my tool basket which lives just inside, I don’t go in, it doesn’t help that my OH who is 6’7” puts everything on high shelves…

    I’m surprised to find myself feeling remarkably unshocked by the election fall out – is this a sign of age? I think it’s a perfect example of having too many variables to make predictions useful and so now I feel quite an unemotional observer. Or maybe it’s just a coping mechanism… C’est la vie.


    1. My frustration is always short lived – I’m fine again now – it was just a needless diversion that took up most of the morning to sort out when it was my day off as well and I could have been doing other things. We would not be in our shed either if it wasn’t for the fact that it has to go we have plenty of other projects on the go!
      Apart from the seriousness of the end results of this election I actually found I was glued to the set on Thursday night because when the results started coming in it became apparent that no one knew what might happen.


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