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so much sadness here…

The beautiful area I live in by the Pennines that divide Yorkshire and Lancashire has been in the news recently but sadly not for good reasons.

We live just below Wessenden Moor which leads onto Saddleworth Moor where the moors murders took place and Keith Bennett’s body remains unfound.  It is an isolated place but going over the hill from here that eventually drops down into the valley and Greenfield at Dovestones reservoir is one of those views that takes your breath away.  You will have seen on the news that Ian Brady died taking with him the knowledge of where Keith is buried.  Going over the moors for me is always a poignant reminder of these poor children and their families.

And now more recently the suicide bomber in Manchester – we are only 22 miles to the city centre of Manchester with the Pennine Moors between us so it was always likely that we would know someone who attended the Arena on Monday night.

My colleague, who joined my team when Helen died, was there with her 12-year-old daughter – it was a Xmas present that she had been waiting for excitedly.  Luckily they stayed for the last song and were safe inside at the time of the explosion and not making their way through the Foyer as it was detonated.   They immediately just ran out as fast as they could for safety -not knowing what was happening, but the sights and sounds they saw on the way out has traumatised them so they are unable to sleep at the moment.   Another colleague at work knows one of the girls that died and another that is seriously injured.

The sad loss and the heartbreaking stories that people have – our thoughts and prayers reaching out to them.   There are no words that can express our feelings it is all beyond comprehension but on the good side the Manchester people will come together and offer whatever they can to help.






5 thoughts on “so much sadness here…”

  1. Your sadness is shared countrywide. I can’t comprehend the hatred out there that leads to such cynical and heartless actions. I wake up thinking about those families affected and how difficult it must be for them to face each new day. All I can do is wish them the love and strength they need to help them get through each and every minute.


    1. Manchester is close to us but working with someone who was there makes it even more real than just seeing these things on TV. I am happy to report that my colleague is back at work today trying to keep busy now to keep her mind occupied- what the longer term effects might be who knows.


  2. It is so, so, sad. We too know of friends of friends who were there and injured. We had our minutes silence today in the school playground in the sunshine under a blue sky with the sweet sound of bird song. The children were very good and there wasn’t a murmur from them. Xxx


    1. Our children and grandchildren shouldn’t have to be growing up with this threat of terror hanging over them like a dark cloud. When I look at my new granddaughter I worry for her future and her future safety. We are headed up to Scotland now to the cottage – for some reason I always feel much safer up there. Have a good weekend – I expect it is the school holidays next week – lots of sunshine maybe.


  3. Words fail me. It seems we are all just a concert, a movie, and shopping trip away from these horrible, senseless acts. I’m so sorry to hear of your friend and her daughter. I don’t think this will be an easy recovery for them. These events shatter lives in so many ways, not only the losses but the survivors. Holding you in my thoughts. xo


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